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Compassion defines her and people’s stories motivate her. A digital strategist by profession and a full time fashion nerd, Priyanka’s days don’t count as complete till she has stalked every fashion, DIY, and lifestyle story that’s hot on social media. Blessed with  superhuman metabolism that keeps her skinny no matter what, Priyanka also blogs about Fitness and Personal Styling!

@priyanka84arora is where she hangs around most of the times.



Author of 2025’s best seller  – Successfully Stupid, Karan is currently making the world stupider one stupidity at a time. A foregone conclusion with no reasonable talent and only his grammar teacher’s blessings by his side, Karan writes about anything under the sun or over it even. Bordering on obese, Karan writes about food when he is not being the boss of a team of content ninjas (don’t know why people say that).

@whaddaguy is where you will find Karan tirelessly retweeting people in the hope of finding a follower or two.