Restaurant Review: Behrouz Biryani – Lucky Me!

The thing I love most about Indian culture is its unique ability to borrow elements from other cultures and make them its own! So much so, that most things India is known world over for, never really came from India.
Biryani being the most ubiquitous example in this case is something every Indian feels a sense of entitlement towards and if you asked us, we’d blatantly deny knowing that India isn’t mother to this immensely flavourful farinaceous delight.
Perhaps the greatest tribute to India’s love for Biryani is its ubiquity and the fact that you could source a biryani at the eleventh hour from a roadside vendor or the fanciest eatery and you could put a smile on everyone’s faces every single time… Well, almost! Needless to say, Mumbai alone has a gazillion places dedicated to biryanis, many of them even having biryani in their name. But amidst the clamour of all the biryani peddling places, does each one of them deserve to be on your speed dial when you’re jonesing for a helping of The B. I know one place that does… Behrouz!
So, Behrouz Biryani evaded me for a very long time, but a fortuitous office lunch which I was to setup, seemed to get the plan going. And in the words of Liam Neeson’s Hannibal “I love it when a plan comes together” Here’s how our meal played out!
I’m kind of a last-minute person in life and I knew I was in for some flack when I ordered the food late. What I wasn’t prepared for, was a 35-minute delivery! I mean isn’t that an amazingly refreshing change when you’re used to the 2-hour long ‘5-minute mein aa rha hoon saab” as you gaze at your watch while trying to muffle your stomach growling embarrassingly farty noises.
Some major brownie points here!
We read about their portion sizes on Zomato and ordered for 3 King Size Biryanis and 1 Shahi Biryani for our vegetarian colleague. Pleasantly surprised that the Biryani for two was way more than two people ever eat and this makes Behrouz a value for money deal, which is great especially for month-end treats. Plus, each biryani comes with a portion of two gulab jamuns and as typical Indians, we wept in collective happiness and probably had a mental orgasm too, looking at the complimentary dessert delivered to us.
While we decided to play it safe with the Mutton, Chicken, and Subz Biryanis, fortune favoured a bold colleague who had the Makhni Biryani… I must say, all of the preparations were top notch.
The biryanis are generously spiked with aromatics while the heat and spice are on the medium. Not only does this prevent you from reaching out for the raita every now and then, it also lets you savour each flavour individually. I mean there is so much going on in a good biryani; the fragrance of the rice, the succulence of the meat, the sweetness of the caramelized onions, and of course your own imagination!
Although if I had to… I’d recommend the Mutton Biryani as a must try. It’s simply amazing and they cook their meat so tender. There’s barely any chewiness that tends to be there in many mutton biryanis.
We also called for a portion of the Murgh Keftas and what I loved most about them was that they didn’t seem restaurant’ey at all… In fact, like the kinds you’d get to eat if you went over to a friend’s place for a meal. Sometimes, simplicity tends to do the trick in a dish and when it comes to comfort food like kababs and keftas, I’d like to see more people keeping the frillery at bay and whipping out some easy to process fare.
Making a point for the sake of making it! The gulab jamuns did pale out in comparison to the biryani, but then again, I wouldn’t be pissed off at them for it unless they were called Behrouz Gulab Jamun… Thankfully they aren’t.
All in all, I think we’ve found a great place that does some solid biryani and while I am the one writing this, the full bellied smiles my colleagues have been carrying around make me feel certain I can speak on their behalf as well!

Until next time…

Behrouz Biryani Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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