Top Trends in Indian Weddings for 2017!

Weddings make all of us happy don’t they! There’s something magical in those moments of “I do” where the universe seems to converge around the happy couple. However, weddings aren’t just about the union of two are they? There’s a lot at stake and the planning process is no lesser than a war drill if we might say so.

From color coordinating the trousseau with the venue décor to the meticulous detailing of the guest list, weddings are no child’s play. And if all of this isn’t enough, there’s the pressure of being awesome on social media. When P and I first came across the term “Instagram Friendly Wedding”, we laughed it off but the social media X factor of weddings is fast becoming a big deal and how!

Last month P attended The Weddingz Conclave organized by, where the who’s who of the wedding planning world spoke about the trends that will be hot in the 2017 season of Indian weddings. Going by the raving P did about how nice the event was, we just had to share this with you’ll. So here is what’s trending in Indian weddings for 2017!

Décor goes minimalistic – From what we’ve heard, 2017 weddings will retain the trend of minimalism from 2016. As more weddings become theme oriented, classy and subtle pieces that complement the overall theme will replace the ostentatious decorations we were used to seeing earlier.


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Intimate and experiential celebrations –People are finally realizing that weddings aren’t about feeding an army of people and weddings are becoming more intimate and fun actually. Whisking away few close folks to an amazing destination, flash mob performances, mega selfies, and mannequin challenges; 2017 weddings are getting intimate and quite creative we must say!


Avant-garde wedding dinners – For a country where food is the highlight of a wedding, we have been awfully boring so far, but 2017 promises to be different! As weddings become close knit, people are experimenting with modern cuisines and molecular gastronomy to wow their guests. Besides it was high time the butter chickens and tikkas went in for a makeover!


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Wedding ensembles that make a statement – Leading designers have spoken and the trousseau colors for 2017 are Panton Green, Pink, and Blue. Velvets will make a comeback this year as a hot choice for evening functions while floral prints will be in trend for pre-wedding functions in 2017!


Picture Credits: Gravity Fashion

Young and Subtle Styling – Make up and styling are perhaps the most important things for a bride to be and the days of looking like a painted wall are finally behind us. Natural, young and fresh makeup is the trend for 2017 and we hope it’s a trend that stays for years to come.


Picture Credits: Flickr

Stories will replace photographs – Wedding photography isn’t only about the wedding day anymore but about the story leading to it. From poetic compositions to candid shots of the couple’s journey to the moment, wedding photography continues to move into the story-telling realm. Pro tip – Photographs taken in yellow lighting look much better than any other setting.


Technology will make weddings unforgettable – 2017’s hottest wedding trend is technology! From tech savvy invitations to social media e-vites, not only does technology save time and money, it makes the wedding more interactive and involving. There are specialists who can help you design mobile apps for your wedding, which invite your guest list, manage gift registries, provide venue directions and live updates from the couple, and host your photo gallery too.

Well it was a great event and we got to learn a lot. From whatever we could figure out, the wedding space in India is undergoing a total makeover and we are super excited at how the future looks. So look sharp and stay fit folks, because weddings and wedding selfies are only going to get hotter this year!

Until next time…

Much love, Ka and P J

Inputs from The Weddingz Conclave event held in Mumbai by


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