Top 4 tips for becoming the ultimate social media celebrity!

Let’s face it, the Internet isn’t as costly as it used to be and mobile phone screens only keep getting better every year! Bottom line, content is key and social media is the place where superstars are made.

Now we’ve all come across stories where people have quit six figure salaries and corner offices to become professional YouTubers or Social Influencers, and truth be told it makes us hate our jobs for at least a minute or two if not more.

Here are the top 4 tips for becoming the ultimate social media celebrity and of course, the envy of those around you!

#1 Let your content do the talking:

You’ll be surprised at the amount of time people have and their patience to configure social media feeds, so give them something interesting to go through!

#2 Write, Click, Shoot:

A word is worth a 100 thoughts, a picture is worth a 1000 words, and a video is worth a gazillion pictures. Keep mixing your content and give your audience a little bit of everything. There are thousands of people for whom the first ritual in the morning is going through kitten videos on 9GaG.

#3 Promote an idea, not yourself:

Social media is full of pompous users who like beating their own trumpet. Do they get anywhere? No. Have a relevant interest area to put out your thoughts on and encourage a discussion with your audiences. That was the idea with which Twitter was started and see where it’s got them now!

#4 Engaging is Winning:

Building an audience is easy, but keeping an audience is a tough call. Make sure that you spend some time replying to comments and reward your audience with giveaways and contests for being around. Make sure you take feedback and actually implement it.


So now that you’re armed with these pro tips on making social media work for you and of course that creative engine of a brain you have. Are we going to see some new social media stars coming up here!


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