Comeback of Khakis, Banker Stripes at work, and much more – Here are the top 5 trends from international runways that will make it to India’s hot list in 2017!

So we’re through with the major fashion weeks in the global fashion calendar and the trends to watch out for are out. But which of them will make to India. Here’s what we think!

#1 Khakis are back and how!


Whether it is a board room meeting or a luncheon at the club; a day at the races or an evening at a pub, khakis are back in fashion and we are rejoicing. One of the most versatile colors in fashion right now, khaki’s slimming qualities draw comparison with black and where khaki wins is that doesn’t fade as easily as blacks do. Whatever your personality or occasion, khakis let you rock a business meeting or a date night with equal ease.

#2 Wear banker stripes like a boss!


It’s been a while since banker stripes stepped out of the male dominated board rooms, but this year they are going totally mainstream. Rock them in a business suit or as chic looking palazzos to a Friday meeting, banker stripes are going to be hot in 2017. Designs by Tanya Taylor and DKNY also showed that this year banker stripes will get even more creative with the use of colors other than the traditional and somewhat lackluster blues and greys.

#3 White shirtdresses like never before!


When shirtdresses first came in trend most of us were mortified, but not anymore as 2017 will see the white shirtdress make a stylish comeback with cinched waistlines, interesting hemlines, ruffles, and gingham cuffs.  So if you get out often for those Sunday brunches or are looking to add a new look to your workwear it is time to look stylish in that white shirtdress this year.

#4 Off shoulders are totally on and over the top!


Off shoulders have been on the runways for a god forsakenly long while now, but thankfully this year there’s something new going on with them and boy are we glad to get them out of the closet again. This year off shoulders are going over the top and literally. Teaming up perfectly on top of polo necks and turtle necks or gingham vests, we will be seeing a lot of those off shoulders on the street this year.

#5 Jumpsuits make a comeback!


Jumpsuits were hot property some time ago and then they were nowhere to be seen. But this year it is time to rejoice, especially if you have a closet full of these trendy totals. Cinch them at the waist for that corporate look or go strapless with them at a cocktail party, jumpsuits are here to stay in 2017.


While the leading runways have spoken for what is going to be hot in 2017, we’re sure the streets, offices, and party places will soon give us a better understanding of what India finds hot in the coming months!


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