Restaurant Review: Poetry by Love and Cheesecake – Poetic nirvana, yes no maybe!

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In the age of Facebook check-ins and Instagram stories, vanity is the latest me-too trend when it comes to the city’s eateries. From places that imbue utmost sophistication but add masala on the name at the door to those that are a downright abuse of francophony, what sounds and looks fancy on social media is totally down with us these days.

Without sounding like a diatribe in the least, this is a post about a little place that serves cheesecake and small bites I was recently asked to review. The subject in question – Poetry by Love and Cheesecake, another little place raising its hand for your attention as you scurry through Linking Road avoiding close shaves with Delhi guys in SUVs and the future of the country begging you to buy a balloon for your date.

Well moving on, fancy name… check, Instagram worthy affair…double check, food and price in order…the jury is out and I’d hate to give them the benefit of the doubt – that’s my take on the place in a nutshell, but let’s elaborate because we have time and internet bandwidth to read on!

Poetry by Love and Cheesecake seems to be doing well for itself in the company of some mighty names and getting here is really easy with all the landmarks that are just a stone’s throw away.

As soon as you enter, the staff is met by a really bewildered you and I don’t mean this in the best sense. The layout is somewhat awkward and is houses away from being guest friendly. I mean it is important to have your cheesecakey merchandise take centre stage, but not at the expense of cluttering the place. Other than that, the decor, the picture frames, and the posh glass display are nice touches albeit placed wrongly.

The servers are very polite and courteous; doing every bit they can to cater to the guests. They know their menu which is a good thing and the poached egg on crostini was a peachy fine suggestion.

Coming to the business end – the food! The good was really good and the bad was downright disastrous is my broad summary of their menu, of which I sampled quite a bit! Here’s a quick list of Yeses and Nos while dining at Poetry by Love and Cheesecake.

Must Have’s

  • Cold Pressed Juices – Fresh Start and Full Immunity
  • Smoothies – Breakfast Smoothie
  • Quinoa and Fresh Vegetable Salad
  • Poached Eggs and Avocado on Croissant
  • BBQ Smothered Chicken
  • Cheesecakes – Salted Caramel, NY Style, Dulche de Leche, Chocolate Sin, Nutella


  • Smoothies – Dark Knight, Keeping it Simple
  • Soups – All of them basically
  • Portobello Panino
  • Everything Bagel

COLD PRESSED JUICES – They’ve got the concoctions right other than which the rest is just juice. My picks being FULL IMMUNITY and FRESH START which were really really good!

SMOOTHIES – Their BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE which blends up greek yoghurt, dates, blueberries, and chia / flax seeds is quite awesome. The other smoothies are really not worth the while. The DARK KNIGHT especially leaves a bad taste in the mouth, I guess mine was badly made maybe!

Moving on to the SOUPS, they managed to turn us all off with a GAZPACHO that had a characteristic bitterness which comes from cucumbers gone wrong or a horribly uncontrolled helping of Worcestershire sauce. Could even be the char of the peppers if that’s what they did, but something just went awfully wrong. Also, why we replaced day old bread with croutons beats my understanding!


The CREAM OF MUSHROOM & CHICKEN had a slightly raw roux but other than that it was fine.


The salads did manage to bring a highly put off me back on course! The CAESAR SALAD was light with just about the right balance to the flavours. The AVOCADO KALE SALAD which most of my company didn’t seem to enjoy was spot on. Kale goes really well with both avocado and orange, and I quite liked it.


The winner of the evening though, was the POACHED EGG AND AVOCADO ON A CROISSANT. I have just about never had such an amazing small bite meal ever, and I’ve chowed down on a lot of them in my time.  The salsa was a standout and balanced the avocado and eggs so damn well. If I wasn’t cutting down on the calories I could have myself a few portions of this without any hesitation.


The BBQ SMOTHERED CHICKEN was really good too except for the fact the base went soggy too soon. But nice touch with the BBQ sauce which left no room for complaints whatsoever.


The PORTOBELLO PANINO other than being quite daunting looking seemed to fizzle out at the first bite. Except for the fact that it was loaded with cheese there wasn’t much to speak of it. I’d rather have myself a grilled cheese and cut out the fancification!

I’ve mentioned my top picks in the dessert section already but anything you’d pick would be great because they really do their desserts well. Now that is in fact the acid test for a cheesecake place, but they’ve stayed true to their name there.


Price wise the whole shindig seems a little bit on the upscale end of the business but if you’re a cheesecake fan and more people know you on Instagram than in reality, then this place should sort you out for both your cravings.

Overall, if I’m asked to recommend Poetry by Love and Cheesecake, I might not jump up with joy and tell you that you have to put this on your bucket list, but I might quietly slip in a ‘why not’ in my answer. After all we can indeed make the world a better place, one bit of cake at a time!


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