Product Review: HoneyBell Cakes – Egg Free Vanilla Cake!

Pick any time of the day for a peek at Instagram and your feed is bound to be flipping with gorgeously made cakes that you can’t decide whether to eat or just keep staring at. In this world of show and tell, the humble looking cake has transformed into something more akin to a beauty pageant entrant, going the whole hog when it comes to exotic ingredients and airbrushed cosmetics.

So has this war of the gorgeous gateaux orphaned the modest slice of cake that mommy used to pack in our lunch boxes. I wouldn’t bet on it yet! When the cakey cravings hit you bad, you’ll always end up running to the good ol’ stuff that’s just about sugar, flour, and a dose of essence.

But why am I cake ranting here when I’m neither close to my birthday nor is the calendar nearing Christmas. Here’s why!

The friendly neighbourhood marketers at the WIBS bakery decided to drop by with their really popular brand of egg free vanilla cakes HoneyBell, asking how I felt about them. And that’s what sent me back to the memories of the “one-bite” goodies I used to pick up from my school canteen on my way back home every school day.



Egg Free Vanilla Cake – So this is HoneyBell’s only offering, and while I really like it, I can’t reach out and grab a HoneyBell if I’m in the mood for something other than vanilla.

HoneyBell Pack

The cake isn’t the really crumbly tea time sponge that you’ll usually see. It is more moist, slightly more sugary, and a little doughy, which means you can have this anytime and not just wait for tea time to indulge in your cakey cravings.

Unlike many other egg free cake brands, HoneyBell cakes don’t have that typical bitter and chemical aroma and that to me, is the best thing about them.

Since the cake is quite mild on the flavour, you can really get imaginative with it when it comes to using it as a part of some recipe and we whipped up a smashing trifle for Sunday dessert using the HoneyBell cakes. But I’m sure you could get more imaginative than that!



The packaging for the cakes is really simple and lacks any frills. A thin looking plastic wrapper just like a decent chocolate would have. The packaging doesn’t give a premium feel to the product, but then again I don’t think that was ever where they wanted to go with it.



For 10 rupees a pack, the HoneyBell cakes are quite a steal, and if gluttony strikes even towards the end of the month, you can easily manage to stuff yourself with a few of these without feeling guilty of over spending J


Overall, in a sea of sponge cakes, I feel HoneyBell brings the Wibs legacy to the fore with quite the offering. It’s great on taste; vegetarians can eat it, costs barely anything, and goes well with a quite a few recipes. How can you not like HoneyBell in that case!





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