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Passion often entails a heavy price and with the zoman heading out on his food quests almost every day he often wondered what he was skipping out on? It was close to two months that the zoman had been dodging his damsel for a dinner date, and she had been throwing furious glances at the zoman anytime he mentioned a food trail he was off to. Fat replacing his grey matter, the zoman failed to pick up the hints until the damsel’s dam literally broke and the zoman barely escaped the shoe that had been hurled at him!

The zoman knew he had to pull out something super to beguile his damsel or he was on his way to the doghouse.

Having gotten her convinced for a couple of chilled pints of fresh brew at Doolally, the zoman thought his woes had ended there.

Arriving at the scene the damsel pulled a U-turn on the zoman and decided it was time to change the plan. “I want to go somewhere else” she mewed, summarily taunting the zoman for being a useless blogger if he couldn’t find a better place to spend the evening. It was then that the zoman looked skywards for a solution and quite literally that was what he found… A solution, right above him!

So here’s a tale of the zoman’s recent trip to Zulu Terrace – Literally the answer from above!

Zulu is located on the level above Doolally in the same complex. A few canopies, big screen televisions, sheeshas, mist fans and regular fans… That’s all that the ambiance has to speak up for itself.
Not that it looks like a half done effort, the management has perhaps purposely shied away from the thematic frills that fancy places offer in order to woo diners on the pretext of the posh. Zulu on the other hand wishes to speak for its service and food. Period!

In terms of menu knowledge you might see the staff struggle a little bit even though it’s a small menu. So don’t tempt your fate asking for suggestions. The saving grace is that chieftain Chef Lobo is always around.
The servers are quick and do a lot of things like replacing coal for the sheeshas without even having to be asked.


An interesting spin off from the classic chicken satay, this zulu preparation is moderate in heat and in tanginess too; the flavours are sharp but not so much as would have you dialling the fire brigade.
Special mention… The peanut butter based dip is absolutely divine.


A fabulously cooked breast of chicken with a cheesy and nutty stuffing, draped in a cream based sauce and served with a side of aromatic pilaf… Now if this doesn’t make for a really rich meal, then what does?
If you’re looking for taste and texture, this is a sure-fire winner. It’s a tad bit on the heavier side though, so if you’re up for something light you might want to reconsider.
Came as a surprise but certainly the most well cooked breast of chicken I’ve had in an insanely long time. The fork and knife barely needed to do any work.
A slightly tangy pepper sauce coats the meat well and the dish is finished with a wonderful palm sugar glaze.
I most certainly recommend this!
Now aren’t chicken drumsticks really gorgeous when barbequed. Absolutely yes!
These are served on a live grill that increases both the visual appeal of the dish as well as the succulence of the meat. The barbeque rub / marinade is reasonably spicy but not “burn your mouth” hot, which makes it a good companion to your beers.
I would recommend this, but only to go with a beer or two. On its own I don’t see the point of asking for this!

An indianized version of stuffed and baked potatoes. While the stuffing was really delicious, including nuts and all the frills, the potatoes were a tad bit underdone. While it was a little difficult to eat this the taste was quite good. I would love to give this another go, only if it is baked properly.

Zulu sits somewhere between affordable and borderline expensive when it comes to how they’ve been priced.
The mains are exceptionally good in terms of “value for money” though the appetizers skew a little towards the higher side of affordability.
Alcohol prices are good and so is the Sheehsa, which is why you’ll see a lot of the younger crowd chilling out at Zulu.
Irrespective of that, this place won’t burn a hole in your pocket and that is for certain!

I needn’t say much considering I have already gone about saying quite a lot, but Zulu struck me as a pretty nice place.
The thing with Sheesha places is that we slot them into a cheap booze and bad category without even passing to look once, and I am glad that for some reason we gave Zulu a chance.
They have pretty good menu options and if you look at the pricing, that’s quite the bang for your buck.
If it’s for an evening out with friends over a game of football or for puffing away on some Sheesha and noshing on some good grub on the side, Zulu can be your go to place.
Do I recommend this place? At least for one visit… Definitely yes!

AMBIANCE – 3.5 / 5
SERVICE – 4 / 5
FOOD – 4 / 5
PRICE – 4 / 5


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