Restaurant Review: Uba Tuba – Aye Caramba!

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Fortune favours the bold and a Saturday or two ago, the zoman made perhaps one of the boldest moves of his life. As it turns out, of course for the love of food!
Perhaps the last of the wintery Saturdays, which is if you believed that Mumbai could ever provide you with a winter and the zoman was about his usual business of skipping chores assigned by the damsel. Flashing glances at his phone, the zoman lay in wait hoping that someone could get him out of prep duty for the house party that the damsel was throwing that night.
In the most opportune of moments, the damsel headed out for a bit and the zoman received a call from his buddy Rushabh asking to join him for a meal. Making most of the moment, the zoman rushed out of the house leaving a note for his damsel. He was certain this would mean a crisp whack on his well fed rear end as soon as he back in front of the damsel, but he took the risk anyway. Turns out, it was worth the hassle.
So here’s the story on how things unfolded at my Uba Tuba lunch!
My limited intelligence couldn’t comprehend why someone would call a place Uba Tuba and hence I didn’t delve deeper into the unravelling of what was in the name.
In terms of ambiance Uba Tuba is unashamedly stripped bare and whatever little it has isn’t much to write home about.
For the man child in you though, there’s some weird musical instrument that resembles Xena’s breastplate and makes a funny sound that you just can’t get enough. I played with it almost throughout the entire meal!
For a place this tiny, the service was expected to be fast and that’s precisely what it was.
The servers are quick without being rushy and they do know what their menu is all about which is something I thoroughly appreciate.
I’m going to begin with their cold pressed juices which are simply beautiful!
A concoction of kiwi, pineapple, and lemongrass! This bloody Pedro can wake you up even on the dreariest of mornings. I must say that the pineapple was such a wonderful addition to the hit combination of lemongrass and kiwi.
Loved it!
This beauty is named after its colour, but in reality this is something I’d love to end a tired day with. So watermelon and basil have been buddies since their feta salad days and they’ve welcomed strawberry to the party like the hot new chick in town.
The resultant combination is pure delight!
Going with the cheeky word play this is simply old wine in a new bottle. Pineapple, orange, and apples, are a time tested favourite and the Uba Tuba folk have used them beautifully in this case.
Every year content marketers pick up a new super food and flood the internet with endless listicles touting it as THE panacea for all our worries. This year it is chia seeds.
Coming back to the lemonade, it was nailed to perfection and the “sabjaa” like chia seeds actually tasted quite nice in the entire mix.
If something’s going to draw me to Uba Tuba’s doors a lot many times in the future, it is this gem of a salad.
Aptly named, the portion size is pretty much what you could mow through once you’ve had like a footballer’s workout. Plus, it comes with all the what not’s like grilled chicken, boiled eggs, skirt steak strips, chick peas, mixed greens, mixed peppers, onions, and tomatoes. Of course a healthy honey & Dijon mustard dressing adds some more joy to the already happy mix.
Bottom line… A sizeable portion of food (healthy) that has a whole lot of ingredients, which go really well together; you simply can’t ask for more!
I found these tacos just a tad bit spicier than I wanted them to be. Other than that they were absolutely amazing. Just the right level of vinegary tang and the taco shells were crisp & light.
I’d recommend this but with a slight tone down on the spice!
Aren’t fish tacos supposed to be amazing? Yes they are! Too bad these were the opposite of that.
The entire construct seemed dull and fishy with no life to it at all. I couldn’t convince myself to like this one bit!
A decent taco although it wasn’t worth writing home about!
I loved the dessert to be honest!
Almost every place I’ve had a Tres Leches I’ve been turned off by the beyond normal sugar content of the serving. But Uba Tuba’s Tres Leches was a welcome change. The sweetness is perfect and the dessert is as light as it should actually be.
Absolutely recommend a bite of this to end your meal!
Uba Tuba is priced reasonably well if you consider the quantity of their servings. The Messi’s Workout Mix and the Pablo Raised the Escobar stand out particularly in terms of their Value for Money, which is out of this world.
Other than that too, there’s no significant damage if you eat here.
A pretty good set of offerings on their menu and a reasonable price make this quite a decent place to dine at.
I wouldn’t recommend this for a date but to chill out and get some decent grub this is quite a nice place.
As to the question if I’d recommend this place. For at least once and for their salad+juice assortment, I would!
AMBIANCE – 3.5 / 5
SERVICE – 4 / 5
FOOD – 3.5 /5
PRICE – 4 / 5


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