Restaurant Review: Dinshaw’s Xpress – Jamva Chalo Ji!

Apart from the snootiness that is summarily passed on to us the moment we step into life in a convent school, a few things are as fundamental to being a convent boy as a masala is to a great Indian recipe. And sitting somewhere on top of those things is our association with bawa branded sodas.  
Ask any convent boy and he’s certain to associate with Palonji’s, Ardeshir’s, Dimple’s, or Fram’s, and a mention of these cola brands is sure to bring back fun memories from school times when life was simply a blast and the worries of the world weren’t ours to account for.
Anyway, so the hungriest of vegetarians, AKA the vegetarian bhukkad was awesome enough to extend the zoman, a chance to catch up with some of his favourite blogger buddies over some dhinchaak Parsi bhonu at Dinshaw’s Xpress’ navroze special parsi fest that lasted the entire March. How I wish they kept this menu going for the entire year, but then again there’s that “Good things and small packages” saying we have, ya!
Moving on… The meal was thoroughly amazing and if only India hadn’t lost to New Zealand, this would have been a recount of a perfect night. Sigh!!!
The place is quite tiny actually, but is still comfortable. I doubt you can do large group dinners here but for a lively family outing or a dinner date with the missus, the place is great.
The decor is plain and simple although I must say that a lot of effort has gone into making the menu seem quirky (worked for me at least).
Sits right in the middle… Neither is it great nor is it sucky! It’s just about good enough.
From what I’ve raved about the convent school life, the bawa cola reference was quite clear and that’s how we started the meal.
Dinshaw’s stocks Palonji’s and the sodas come in multiple flavours. If I had to suggest some, I’d say go and try the Raspberry and Ice Cream Soda flavours. The bubbly sweet sodas are certain to bring out a huge smile and the inner child out in you.
The Farcha or as me and my bawa friends jokingly refer to as BFC – Bawa Fried Chicken is a parsi party favorite. And why shouldn’t it be? I’ve never really picked up the recipe, but the flavor of caramelized onion and a mild spice from the chilies was totally evident in the marinade.
Besides, this was the first time I had a boneless farcha and it was such a welcome change from the difficulty of having to eat the farcha while trying to posh at a party.
Totally recommend it!
One bite of this classic bawa delight and I was transported back to my 5th grade days when Daisy Miss used to dish these out at my school canteen. Ohhhh, that aroma!
The cutlets were made in typical parsi fashion with a mild hint of ginger and garlic, coupled with potatoes, and of course, the heady aroma of coriander.
They were cooked to perfection and sat perfectly between crispy and soft textures.
The gravy was a tad bit spicy though.
Loved them!
Since I was the only non vegetarian at the dinner table, I opted to sample the veg berry pulao for the first ever despite there being a chicken version to please. Have to say I am mildly impressed!
While the berry and veggies certainly don’t marry as well as the meat and berries do, the combination isn’t bad by any stretch at all.
I’d say this was really nice but not that you’re missing out on something amazing if you don’t have this!
The holy grail of Parsi cuisine, the dhansak is perhaps the most beloved recipe among Parsi folk and by jove it is one helluva dish. I’ve had gastronomically wet dreams about this dish and the likes of Jimmy Boy and Ideal have only contributed to my fascination with Dhansak.
Veering away from my 100% mutton dhansak track, I tried the chicken variant for the first time at Dinshaw’s. Boy was it amazing!
I’d still prefer the mutton version over the chicken, but other than that the dhansak was simply perfect. Served with brown rice and a sprinkle of crisp brown onions on top, I couldn’t have asked for more.
Definitely must try!
If not ahead of the dhansak in terms of mental recall, the mutton salli is definitely close by. And I must that the mutton salli at Dinshaw’s is splendid.
If you don’t have a penchant for spicy curry you might not really love this, but if you’re someone who enjoys a hint of extra spice this is for you. The salli bit wasn’t overdone either and was just enough to soak in the curry, without making it too dry to eat with the pao.
For those with a palette for spice, I totally recommend this!
When a hardcore carnivore, who having just enjoyed a lovely mutton salli says that mushroom salli is great too, it has to be absolutely brilliant. Doesn’t it? I guess so!
Apart from that little bit of robustness which the flavour of the meat imparts to the curry, the mushroom salli didn’t lack anything at all.
Again, this would require you to have a little bit of tolerance to spice, but if that’s not a problem this dish is excellent too!
Pretty much on the lines of Dorabjee’s famed aloo kheema samosas but a little more fancy looking.
While the filling was quite nice, I found the samosa to be a tad bit doughy.
I’m ambivalent when it comes to recommending this one!
Now you come to a Dinshaw’s place and don’t eat ice-cream, impossible! But what we had was the motherload of ice-creams. I am sorry there was too much that went into the hazelnut twist for me to decode and understand, but you must absolutely try this sundae.
Yeah, do keep a decent amount of tummy space if you are to finish this. It isn’t an easy task.
Dinshaw’s Xpress is reasonably priced and while it isn’t a cheap place for you to dine at, it isn’t costly by any stretch.
A belly up meal for a couple of people here can be easily afforded without having to recalculate your monthly budgets.
This limited edition menu has made me swoon so many times and go drooling over its offerings like a rabid dog; I cannot even begin to say how much I wish this was permanent.
Anyway, I totally loved the food and the hospitable experience that was dished out to us at the review table.
As to the question, do I recommend this place? Is that even a question anymore!
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