The 9 List – 9 Cocktails on Havana Cafe & Bar’s Menu That Are Totally Worth A Tipple, or More!

Summers are almost around the corner and the famed “townie” watering holes will soon be packed with beer guzzling folk chugging brews by the tankard. But for those who prefer the posh to the slosh, cocktails are surely the thing. And with so much beer going around, a good cocktail list isn’t as easy to spot as it used to be.

So the guy who talks too much was on his customary summertime scout when a chance catch up with the FBAI gang happened at Havana Cafe & Bar recently. While it may not be the best drinking place by a stretch, the cocktail assortment is awesome. Besides, it keeps open on dry days and has decent grub too.

Here’s a list of 9 cocktails on the menu at Havana Cafe & Bar that are totally worth the liver damage. Not that I wish for it. Read on…

1. BAZOOKA – Havana’s take on this relatively popular shot. The fruity sweetness of the SoCo (Southern Comfort) contrasts perfectly with the Sour Mix, making for one killer shot.

2. STRAWBERRY MOJITO – I love the mojito as it is but the strawberry version of this classic is simply amazing. Made with freshly pureed strawberries and a generous pour of Bacardi white, this drink is a total delight. And that line rhymed too!

3. ZOMBIE – Aptly named, this rum fest can stun even the most able bellied alcoholics. Not to mention it is absinthe laced too. Shhh! You didn’t hear me saying that. Totally worth checking out, but go easy on the drink count.

4. BAHAMA MAMMA – A 360 degree colour and flavour twist on the classic recipe. The reddish amber from Grenadine, Pineapple, and Orange is replaced by the Bluish Green hue from Curacao, Pineapple, and Mango. Whatever it is, it tastes great and is certainly worth trying.

5. HAVANA COSMO – No offense to Carrey Bradshaw and her girls, but the Cosmo tastes so much better with white rum than with Vodka. Havana’s Cosmo also replaces cranberry with pomegranate juice which is simply amazing. Go check this out for sure!

6. BELLINI – What a peach! Havana hasn’t touched this classic with any misplaced innovative instinct and that’s so amazing. Sweet, bubbly, and simply awesome, this sparkling wine and peach nectar concoction is a must have!

7. LAGERITA – Thanks to Amigos, we’re not entirely bereft of the joys of marrying beer with tequila. But Havana decided to take that to another level – making a margarita and then adding lager to it. I don’t care what they were thinking, but the result is simply awesome!

8. HEMINGWAY DAIQUIRI – Another classic that’s just amazing irrespective of where you lay your mitts on it at. I did find this a little bit sweeter than the recipe calls for, but still. If you’ve got to have a daiquiri, then the Hemingway it is!

9. A HOT HAVANA NIGHT – Nope! This isn’t about a tryst I had with a hot latina (how I wish, though) but about the spicier version of the classic cuba libre. Not denying that rum and coke make one helluva combination, but replacing dark rum with spiced rum takes the awesome meter a few notches higher for sure. It’s simple but certainly worth trying.

Hope this 9 list has got you somewhat covered if you’re traipsing around South Bombay’s streets on a hot summer afternoon. Shout out if you agree or comment with your top 9 picks from the menu when you’re out sipping some at Havana.

Until next time!
Much Love
The Guy Who Talks Too Much


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