The 9 List – 9 Things on Asian Street Kitchen’s (ASK) Menu That Will Instantly Transport You to The Bustling Streets of An Asian Market!

Blame it on the roadside eateries with over the top spellings for “Chinese” but Indians are somewhat lost on vegetarian fare when it comes to food from the Orient.
Most of our vocabularies stop short at Chinese and Thai, leaving Pan-Asian sounding like a term used to appease an orphan child.

Bottom line, Pan-Asian is Chinese with a hint of Thai, and entails popping a lot of chick lolly. Pun intended!

So what do you do, if you’re aware that Indonesians, Burmese, Japanese, and Koreans too have cuisines and you happen to be a vegetarian? Simple, you navigate through South Bombay’s traffic and arrive at Asian Street Kitchen’s awesomeness.

So the guy who talks too much recently visited this place to fix his damsel’s flat noodle craving and boy, was this an awesome experience or what.

Here’s a list of 9 things from the menu at ASK that will instantly transport you to the bustling street food haunts across Asia. Read on…

1. Tom Kha – My first tryst with a vegetarian version of the Tom Kha and an excellent one at it. The sweetness of the coconut goes so well with the sharpness of the galangal and kafir lime, while the chilli hits you really late. Absolutely beautiful!

2. Som Tam – Perhaps one of the most famous Thai dishes. The papaya retains its crunch despite the pounding and goes so well with the vinegar and chilli. I loved the flavour balance of this dish despite not having shrimp paste or fish sauce to season with.

3. Fried Wontons – Served with a chilli garlic dip, these wontons are a must have and will you reaching for the next one in your plate in no time. What’s best about the ASK version is that they aren’t really doughy.

4. Three Mushroom Dimsums – I think of these as Chinese ukadiche modak. Leaving that aside, don’t we all love dim-sums? Yes we do. And the three mushroom dim-sums are ASK are the perfect teleportation device for an instantaneous trip to a Chinese street food haunt.

5. Steamy Garlic Wontons – This, you absolutely cannot miss. To avoid sounding like this is an advertorial for ASK, I won’t go barking mad about this dish. But it’s not to be missed at all.

6. Crispy Corn & Chestnut –This is one dish that made me wish I was sitting in a pub with a chilled pint in hand. Besides, this is terribly easy to whip up at home too. Pays to try it out!

7. Burmese Khow Suey – The Khow Suey at ASK is so well balanced in terms of the spice and the ingredients going into it. Paired with steamed rice, this is a hyper lapse trip to the crowded streets of Rangoon. Ohhhh heaven!

8. Soba Stir Fry – This Japanese buckwheat noodles preparation is the most photogenic dish on the ASK menu for all those instagrammers that love foodgasm and foodporn hashtags. Besides, it tastes great too.

9. Sri Lankan Curry – The vegetarian version tastes as amazing as the non vegetarian recipe that’s a street food favourite with our neighbours. Fragrant and mildly spicy, this is a dish you cannot and should not miss.

Hope this 9 point list has got you all eager to try Asian Street Kitchen out. Shout out if you agree or comment with your top 9 picks from the menu when you dine here.

Until next time!
Much Love
A Guy Who Talks Too Much


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