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Holy god, has it been that long! Staring at his computer during a self-imposed hibernation from the food world, the zoman began getting antsy. “I have to write about something, anything at all, or I’m going to lose it”, he grumbled.
Rummaging through his collection of food pictures the zoman pondered for an answer, when finally realization hit him like a paternal slap on the face of an inebriated teenager. “How on earth did I miss this” he asked himself.
Reminiscing of his trips to one of his favourite places in recent times, the zoman turned wistful. Its bridged entrance, colourful ambiance, fancy service, and great food, had the zoman smitten. And like returning to the waiting arms of a lover, there was a certain sense of satisfaction that grew with each of his visits. Who knows if she’s the best in the world, but she’s certainly charmed her way into the zoman’s heart. She, my good folks, is Jyran at the Sofitel BKC.
It’s been a trip too many for me here, and each one of them has left me smiling from ear to ear. From attending a pre-wedding brunch to romantic dinners, from attending an event with Chef Ranveer Brar to the Old World Dinner with India’s only female sommelier, my rendezvous’ with Jyran just keeps getting better and better.
So here’s my take on Jyran!
The small bridge over a pond takes you back to the old French obsession with romantic bridges and as soon as you cross the bridge, you enter a vibrant and colourful space – synonymous with India’s culture.
A tastefully and classily attractive bar greets you as soon as you enter and the high ceiling restaurant gives off every bit of the posh vibe. The comfortable seating and the place table setting take your eyes off from the colourful ambiance, only to be brought back to the posh, by the classy tableware set on the tables.
At Jyran, the only downer for me would probably be the open kitchen, which though awesomely done seems odd in its particular setting.
There’s a large outdoor seating area at Jyran, which I feel is simply amazing for a romantic dinner or a chatty evening with a bunch of friends. We all know wine tastes better when it’s enjoyed along with some fresh breeze and for that purpose the outside seating is simply perfect. They have semi private shamianas too, but that’s something I’ve never taken a shine to.
I won’t go overtly gaga when I talk about the service at Jyran because it spells basic hygiene to me, exactly what you would expect out of a luxury five star property, impeccable service that rarely faults. But nothing that would deserve a special mention.
A trip too many at Jyran has been my case, so grub wise I’ll talk about my latest soiree at The Old World Dinner – A wine and food event by India’s only female sommelier, Kriti Malhotra.
Well in true Sofitel style, the event was a seamless amalgamation of India and France. Classic Indian recipes paired beautifully with carefully selected Bordeaux wines. I for one didn’t think it would go too well, but turns out I was absolutely wrong.
Veering off from the norm de jour at wine dinners, Kriti paired a wine with each course as opposed to each dish, meaning less of sampling and more of drinking.
The first wine that accompanied the appetizers
A 100% Sauvignon from the chateau of Dourthe, the Beau Mayne Blanc was a fruity medium bodied white. Mildly aromatic and with a somewhat grassy and flowery after palette, the wine was easy even on a big gulp and went really well with the poultry and cottage cheese appetizers as well as the mildly spiced lamb kebabs.
Since they are served chilled, I have a natural preference for whites over reds and this beauty didn’t let me down one bit.
Absolutely enjoyed it!
The second wine that came with the mains
While I am no wine expert, my association with the hospitality industry has provided me ample opportunities to sample really fine wines. And in all of experiences, this has to be the best red wine I have ever tasted.
A 90% Merlot, this ruby red was such a pleaser that I couldn’t stop before I had downed 4 glasses already. A medium bodied wine with an enticing ruby red colour and flavour notes of cherries and berry fruits that are typical to a great Merlot. The wine was balanced in terms of its fruitiness and tannic structure. Just enough tannic character for a mild astringent effect that lets your palette feel every flavour note of the wine, but not overpowering, as is generally the case with more robust Merlots and Cabarnet Sauvignons.
This wine was simply amazing and went beautifully with the Chooza Makhani and the Nihari. Actually, even with the biryanis.
Simply outstanding!
The last wine that came with the Biryanis
A 65% Cabarnet Sauvignon, blended with 30% late harvest Merlot, this heavy bodied wine had a very deep red colour, somewhat bordering on brown. Robust in flavour, but a little too robust for my liking, this wine had a spicy after palette and a very heady aroma.
I was constantly being beckoned by my desire for another glass of the La Tour and so I only gave this the necessary sampling.
I would skip this if given a choice!
The food
Since my samplings from Jyran’s menu are quite extensive, I’ll list down what I really love from their menu, first beginning with what was served at The Old World Dinner, moving on to what I’ve enjoyed on my other visits.
Fine lamb mince marinated in a mild spice mix that is easy to enjoy without reaching for a glass of water after every bite. Grilled perfectly, the kebabs were juicy and succulent, yet completely done.
I don’t know what a Lahori spice mix is, but it was extremely well balanced in terms of spice and heat, having a mildly tangy taste to it as well.
A very simple preparation indeed, but high on taste.
Chunky slices of cottage cheese layered on top of each other with a stuffing of mushrooms and peas for that added volume to the dish. The mildness and sweetness of the cottage cheese went perfectly well with high on spice and medium on heat stuffing.
Jyran’s version of the Sarson da saag, but with baby mustard leaves. The way this dish is cooked helps it retain the crispness and the spiciness, which only the freshest of greens can have. The chilli in the tempering is mild and allows the flavour of the garlic to shine through, which by the way, is excellent with the spicy taste of the mustard leaves.
One of the best butter chicken variants I’ve sampled in recent times.
The gravy is rich and absolutely creamy. With more emphasis on the butter than the cream, the gravy although quite creamy, doesn’t seem sweet at all. The spice levels on the dish are absolutely perfect, exuding a heady aroma yet staying short of overpowering the flavour.
I don’t quite know if this is Jyran’s spin on the Nalli Nihari or a distinct dish altogether, but for something that tastes so wonderful, why would I care anyway?
The gravy has the texture of the loveliest emulsion sauces and feels like velvet passing through your gullet. The lamb shanks are slow cooked to perfection and are absolutely eager to fall off the bone at the slightest of touches.
Moderate heat and moderately spiced, this is a dish that any kind of palette can savour. Absolutely love this!
I like my dal makhani slightly on the sweeter side and for that reason I love this preparation at Jyran. I must say that most of my co-diners didn’t really enjoy this, but I really did.
The dal retains some of its waxiness and adds a velvety coat to your palette while you savour it. It also has a mild but typical flavour that is synonymous to the Arhar lentil.
If you enjoy your dal makhani slightly sweetish and creamy, you’d love this, otherwise steer clear of this.
Having read the description and even asking my server for an explanation, I am still clueless what variant of gulab jamun this actually is. But who cares, it is downright delicious and that is for certain.
Placed perfectly between the mild and heavy sweetness index, this beauty is an absolute for anyone who’s eating it.
An absolute must try!
What I’d give a miss
Vegetable Biryani
Jheenga Tulsi Kadai
Tariwala Murgh
Murgh Al Jyran
Jyran is good for a once in a while outing and wouldn’t blow a Hiroshima sized hole in your wallet.
The only thing I find mildly bemusing is that some dishes on the menu come with a decent quantity for their price while some make you feel cheated for portion size. Either way, Jyran’s pricing mixes the good and the bad perfectly only to average out in terms of the price.
If it isn’t clear already, let me reiterate – I absolutely love this place. That being said, it isn’t the best place in the city for a fancy dinner, but it certainly has to make it to the list of best places for a posh Indian dinner.
While you could point out a minor chink here and there, a perfectly done up place setting, great service, and quite a few delectable offerings on the menu, are guaranteed to make Jyran a place that pleases you.
AMBIANCE – 5 / 5
SERVICE – 4 / 5
FOOD – 4.5 / 5
PRICE – 3.5 / 5


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    The evening was fun, so were the wines😍

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