Mumbai Nightlife: WTF! What The… Awesome

Yes, we’ve all heard them say, Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. Clearly, nightlife here isn’t merely a weekend affair, but a continuity that drives the city every night, until it’s time to bring in another sunrise and the coffee shops take over the baton.
The generali is growing in disposable income and as we become the hub for the world’s young population, the growth spurt that nightlife venues have seen in the recent past seems to mirror our baby booming age. I mean, as a country we’re simply crappy at population management. We just love giving birth don’t we?
Seeing as that is the new trend, it only seems fit that we began a section on the city’s nightlife, with a back alley​ favorite of ours and certainly one of the “IT” places on the city’s nightlife map.
So here’s our two pennies on WTF Versova, one of the city’s nightlife darlings.
You might confuse it for a swarm of bees because that’s how crowded this place usually is, but in reality, it’s an eclectic neighborhood bar that serves some mighty fancy stuff, with an extra helping of snazz.
Please don’t ask what the WTF stands for and why that’s been chosen as the name. I mean, what the fudge, seriously!
Just around the meander that leads to JP road and the Versova beach. Spotting the place is easy peasy lemon squeezy.
SEPARATE LOUNGE & RESTO SPACE… The place is divided into an indoor lounge or the red room (HG Wells had nothing to do with this!) and an outside space. The red room is the loungy and dancy area with funny posters like “Children left unattended will be sold to the circus”, while the open air is where you’ll see more chilled out gatherers congregate for their nosh & slosh fix.
MUSIC… Yup, some decent investment into ensuring the quality of music has been made by the good peeps at WTF (Read, equipment). The resident DJ mashed up commercial, hip-hop​, house, and retro on most nights, and does a nifty job at getting the crowds grooving.
Monday’s are Karaoke nights, and while the people croak more than karaoke, the vibe is quite awesome on these nights!
CROWD… A lot of aspirant glamor industry dwellers flock the place and the general standard of the crowd is great. If you’re the star struck kinds, this is definitely one of the places you should be at, as a lot of socialites and celebrities are often found lounging about the place.
VFM QUOTIENT… Now this is an area where WTF stands above many of the other places. While you might not walk out with a measly bill amount, the bang for the buck quotient is amazing.
BEERS (ESPECIALLY THE ON TAP). The beers are priced relatively lesser than most pubs and you can enjoy more of them at a lesser bill total. Works even better with more friends around.
SHOTS – Bourbon Bomb, Jim Beam Slammer, and Beam Me Up.WTF has some serious obsession with Jim Beam, but whatever. These three are totally worth your while.
COCKTAILS – Bourbon Cinnaple. As if cinnamon and apple could ever go wrong! Plus there’s JB in it too. I mean, you get the point, right?
MOCKTAILS – Son of a peach, Tyrewala (virgin)
Dongri Mutton Sandwich – If you can even passably stomach mutton, you must give this is a try. It is simply too awesome to leave off your WTF trip
Chicken / Veg Naan Pizza – I know everybody’s been doing naan pizza these days, but these guys do them really well too.
Kheema Pav – Not too greasy, not too spicy. Just about perfect
Chettinad Chicken Wings – Nallathu Nallathu Nallathu. Sooper!
Curry Leaf Paneer – A veggie must try
Aloo Chana Chakna – If there’s beer on the table, this goes so perfectly with it.
WTF does a nifty job at pleasing two distinct sets of pub goers.
They’ve got some seriously good grub on the menu and they’ve priced their booze really well too.
Surely goes on our list of the best nightlife digs in the city and an absolute must visit!


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