Restaurant Review: The White Owl – Brewery & Bistro – Hedwig Strikes Back!

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Change, the only constant known to humanity and pretty much the motivator for many a discoveries, led me to an extremely interesting one a few days ago.
Reeling from a week full of quests, the zoman warrior was left weltering for his next story plot and nothing could have been better than the universe’s very own amber elixir for a start.
With multiple rounds to Independence and Doolally, fuelled by a misnomer that no other brewery came even close to doing a good job, I was in for a smashing good surprise on my invite to The White Owl. So much so, that I can safely call it the joint best place for brews in the city.
Thanks be to my good buddy Amrith, for extending me an invite to the White Owl Brewery & Bistro for a night of beer bonhomie with my favourite peeps from the blogging world.
OK, end story now! Begin review.
The White Owl has no connection with the Harry Potter franchise and no, it isn’t related in any way to our beloved Hedwig. God bless her heart!
Applying the theory of relativity here. Not that the location is bad, but considering how much this place deserves a good spot, the location is terrible.
I’ve always been in the favour of renaming Lower Parel to India Bulls Nagar, but we know that ain’t happening.
So if you’re not a blue ID card donning suit from YES Bank or one of the SoBo socialites who works at Edelman, chances are, you haven’t been here.
Done up with some weird but awesome looking art on the walls, the stripped brick look exudes a modern and classy feel.
I liked the dim lighting inside and their really snazzy bar counter. The dim lights and that curvy never ending bar counter make me think of a lot of things I could do there, but that’s just my naughty mind acting up.
The music was kind of slow, but then again. Nearly a dozen bloggers loudly guffawing over random shiz. No amount of music would do you good anyway.
A notch or so below what I’d ideally love to see. But yeah, with the amount of beer and bonhomie at the place, we didn’t bother noticing the slack at all.
Nonetheless, the servers know the shiz on their menu and that’s a factor I rate highly important.
The White Owl has a decent spread of food. But honestly, it grossly pales out in comparison to their brews.
Adding the White Owl to the list with Independence & Doolally, I have forevermore made my favorite craft beer triad. The brews were marvellous, even the ones I generally don’t consume were quite nice.
Let’s look at how the brews fared.
By far, my pick of the entire lot at White Owl.
An Irish Red Ale with a moderate flavour. Just a notch or so above a German wit in its intensity.
Without the overpowering caramelized malty taste or that excessive hoppy bitterness, this was a brew that let you sip, savour, and relish every flavour component within the owl marked tumbler.
Take this for a summer afternoon sip by the pool or as a wash down on steak nights, this brew will not disappoint you one bit.
While this began as my favorite even before being served, it sort of ended up second on my list by the end of the night.
Going neck and neck with the Diablo, the Halcyon is White Owl’s Hefeweizen brew.
Being a fan of the Belgian witbiers in particular, I kind of enjoyed The White Owl’s hefeweizen more than the others I have sampled elsewhere.
The Halcyon was a light bodied brew, less cloudy than your regular hefeweizen and that’s what appealed most to me.
Most hefeweizen’s have a sharp phenolic character to them which often manifests as a banana, clove, or vanilla like flavour on the back of your palette. The best part about the Halcyon, was that the flavours were really mild and didn’t actually interfere with the enjoyment of the beer in anyway.
Considering their location in a commercial complex, this, I reckon must be a favourite of the office goers. A perfect brew to cheer you up after a long day at the office.
Third in line is the French apple cider Ace. Slightly spritzier and stronger than the one served at Doolally and maybe just a tinge too bubbly.
Nonetheless and aromatically perfect brew.
If brews are your call but you still want to come off as a classy drinker, this is your best bet.
A perfect something for a date night maybe, or when you got to impress some of them lady friends!
Joint third with the Ace comes Shadow, White Owl’s English porter.
While I would normally shy away from a porter, I quite enjoyed this one. Not being a huge fan of chocolate malts, I was hardly keen on sampling it. But like a lucky strike on a blind date, I hit it off quite well with this keeper of a beer.
It’s like that strong anchor of a woman in your life. Someone you look forward to seeing after a day’s worth of back breaking work on the docks. No wonder they are called porters.
Everything about this brew was strong. From the aroma to the flavour each component stood out beautifully by itself and as a brew together too.
With 4 out 6 offerings from their taps delighting me thoroughly, the runts of the litter were soon exposed.
Both the Torpedo (American Pale Ale) and Outlander (Munich Lager) were sort of duds.
The munich lager had none of the sweet malt flavour and was a little too aromatic for my liking.
The American pale ale is an offering I have never enjoyed anywhere and this one did nothing different to change my views on the subject.
With the brews touching high notes on my palette consistently, it was almost impossible for the food to match up to the expectations. That being said, no complaints either.
Bacon, Onions, Cheddar, Beer together. I am sure you can do the math and arrive at the formula for awesomeness.
A few things in life like the aforementioned, when combined, simply do not go wrong. Enough said!
Quick Q. What do you call an ugly person with a lot of make-up on their face and a good heart too?
Answer. The barbeque chicken waffle burger.
Let me deconstruct this for the uninitiated.
The dish looked spanking good when it arrived, i.e. Lot of make-up.
The waffle was rubbery and simply too thick for human consumption, i.e. Ugly person.
The filling inside (chicken) was simply delicious, i.e. Beautiful heart.
I had to leave the waffle aside and polish off the filing because it was simply too good to let go, but overall, this was a doozy.
Sell me kheema paratha I am a happy camper. Call it a minced lamb quesadilla and I will chase you down with a shoe in my hand.
Eat this like a kheema paratha and you will enjoy it a lot with the beer. Go in thinking this is a quesadilla and you’ll go screaming WTF!
A good kheema that was sandwiched between two sheets of paratha. That is that!
When a Marathi manoos falls in love with a true blue American, the resultant offspring is this dish.
Take your Bhadang chi phodni and throw in some freshly popped corn into the mix. What you get is this stunner of a dish.
Right on all counts, I wouldn’t be able to find a single error in this dish even I used the hubble telescope to look.
Except, it was a different way to serve cheese garlic bread. This was pretty much the standard garlic bread thingie and had nothing standing out in terms of appeal.
Marriage. That’s the perfect analogy for this dish.
While you end up with a beautiful wife you love a lot, you get the mother in-law along with her too. Ditto for this dish.
The bratwurst was so amazing. The mince, the seasoning, the spice, and the cooking, everything was perfect. But the spaetzle were so doughy, I could barely stomach them.
If you plan on dining out at this place, the one thing you cannot miss, is this dish.
Absolutely no errors. The fish was done perfectly, the seasoning was spot on, and served along with braised greens, the entire construct was pretty much like a symphony played out perfectly.
Does one ever go wrong with this? Well, if I am being served, probably not.
There’s something about banana and toffee that makes for a Romeo& Juliet like affair. They just go so well with each other, you cannot help but devour them.
It was simply the best way to exit the building. Enough said!
I feel the brews are priced decently and though this was an on the house affair, I’d have no gimp paying for a weekly tipple at the White Owl. What, with their brews, they surely deserve a bit of the ching ching from your pocket.
Food. Just a tad bit on the pricier side of the spectrum, but completely doable.
Like I’ve said before. This place is completing my craft beer triad along with Inde and Doolally and if any doubts arise on that topic, I can be found holding a Diablo at a table near you.
Second visit? Is that even a question, Hell Yeah!


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