Restaurant Review: Quench – All Day Pub – Got Me Thirsting For More!

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With his quests taking him all around town, the zoman warrior was fast becoming a popular personality. Naturally, a bit of gloat and an air or snootiness had started to peek out from the otherwise chilled out demeanour of the zoman.

As cheerful as she had become, this was driving the damsel insane. Running amok like the Hulk’s tiny green sister, she was looking to set the zoman straight.

Running out of options, she decided to take the battle to the zoman’s turf. “The next time we go somewhere I’m gonna write a review too and I’m going to post it everywhere, then nobody’s going to be bothered about what you have to say”

Bring it on princess, he thought to himself. Letting chivalry take over, the zoman allowed his damsel the privilege of picking out the next quest. But she had already made up her mind. In Donald Trump’s authoritative voice she yelled “Get in the car, this will be a surprise”.

Bringing the car to a screeching halt in Juhu, she pointed to the top of a building. The zoman finally knew where they were going to duel it out tonight and the quest was about to begin! And that, my good zomans…. Is how we ended up at Quench – The All Day Pub in Juhu.

I’m christening this the Juhu Food Plaza now. There’s a Starbucks that’s opening up on the ground level, Fat Man’s on the upper level, and Quench topping it off. The Tien building is surely something most people will not miss.

The stars are shining brightly for you – or something like that, is what greets you the moment you step out of the elevator and look upwards at the ceiling. Made me smile!
The place has a pub feel to it overall, but the brightly done uber funked up tables add a striking element of color that some might love and some might hate. I loved it fo sures, yo!
The bar…. I see a lot of potential in being able to do this section up better, but not that it’s bad in anyway.
Credit to the good peeps at Quench, for their super chilled out smoking zone which is miles away from the action. Puff away, without bothering anybody around.
Music. Hhrumpphh! Me not likey this so much. But then again, I wasn’t ever a huge fan of retro.

A good man Deep, manages the place with a smile that’s utmost welcoming.
Apart from him though, the service staff is a tad bit slow. I had a feeling the bar server had downed a few himself, because he had no idea what I was saying, though in his defence I have been known to garble a lot.
In general, service was slightly off the mark and every time my damsel was close to getting grumpy, the manager would step in and save the day. But hey! It ain’t a one man ship, innit.
Bottom line, this could be improved a few notches in the least.

Perfection is a far flung concept in today’s world and nobody seems to be keen on getting there either. The general approach is to hit it out of the park with a few superb line items and hope that’s enough for the big show. Quench did the same thing. I would say though, I walked out happier than I entered.
Some descriptions of life ask you to “screw the world and get high”. Well, for those times, this is the perfect drink. A few of these ones down and words like wasted, hammered, and sloshed, start making more relevance than friends, family, and world peace.
Let’s deconstruct this one. The tequila brings that instant buzz to the table, the vodka adds that slowly rising high, and just when sanity begins to kick in the human mind says, “It’s BEER boyo, drink up me hearties, yo yo”
Much like racist jokes on a stand-up comedy act, the LIIT features on every bar menu. So when you get this drink twisted up, it speaks a lot about your bar.
I get it, that LIITs are meant to be strong. But when you throw in members of the boozy sisterhood into that shaker without concern for the taste of the final output. That is being plain lazy.
Over spiked and no distinguishable taste. A sad drink overall.
My impromptu rendition of The Eagles’ Tequila Sunrise was brought to a squeaking halt when my damsel butted in “baby, this is tequila sunset, not sunrise”. Having gotten over my moment of mehhh and the realization that the Monkey on the Beach had knocked my socks off, I gave this missy some attention. While the concoction reeked of rum, the orange juice and the supposed dash of grenadine (pomegranate syrup) made for a decent tasting number overall.
That’s the first thing they kept in front of us. A huge portion size that was enough to get my damsel cooing “baby, how will we finish this”.
Lots of cheese, a generously added punch of garlic, and then the occasional chilli thrown in there for good measure. You cannot go wrong with that right? Nope, you cannot.
A chilli cheese toast is something that’s supposed to bring you out of the worse moods even, and the one at Quench can do just that.
I would have overlooked this slight misgiving of theirs, had I not been told that this was a specialty dish on the menu. The amount of salt in this dish could put Salar de Uyuni to shame.
The vegetables were crunchy, the sauciness was perfect and the chicken was cooked just the way it should ideally be. But the salt, holy Christ in heaven, was a doozy.
When you see food like this, you know why a main course is called a main course. The sheer weight of this dish was making the servers’ hand tremble while trying to plonk it on our table.
I was already quite impressed.
The chicken was a tad bit, I mean just a tad bit overdone. The chewiness had just about begun to set in, but not to the point that would make me want to deduct some serious points from the dish. The sauce was super creamy and actually quite sufficient to polish off the chicken and the pilaf.
The veggies that came along – an entire layer of them, made for a brilliant contrast to the creamy sauce.
The pilaf was perfectly done but for a pimento rice, it had a miserly dose of pimento in it.
Hola! Me love you, do you do you? Clueless! Let me put this simply. Abso-dogging-lutely good.
Neither is this place a chippy nor a seafood specialty joint, but this dish was a scorcher.
Perfectly grilled, the basa fillet didn’t seem raw and neither did it crumble off. Just about enough flaky, that’s how you grill fish.
The lemon butter drizzle was done well too and complimented the basa without actually overpowering its mild flavour. Best part, it didn’t seem too greasy as it sometimes does.
Served with cherry tomatoes on top and a sizeable side of veggies, this dish was good enough to liven your mood on even the most sullen of dinner tables.
To go with the sizzle, I kind of went with Fo’shizzle my nizzle, until my damsel threw me the snarkiest of looks and muttered “cheap ass rapper”.
Being an attention seeking diva myself, I’ve always loved dishes that sizzle. They’ve got that uncanny ability to bring the entire eatery’s attention to you. Add to that, there was a brownie and some ice cream thrown into the mix. And if that wasn’t enough for you, there’s beer in the brownie too.
Now pray tell, how can this formula go wrong? While I wouldn’t sell my soul to the devil for another bite of this dish, I’d certainly want more and more of it.
This was done and presented without any flaw whatsoever and if you’ve had brownies and ice cream before, each one of your expectations will be met by the Quench offering.

Like many others have mentioned before, the pricing at Quench is definitely not in keeping with the current times. While the bill amount might not be very cheap, the quantity and the value for money index is off the charts. Portions can easily be shared and that helps keep the overall tab in check.

While the damsel certainly didn’t win the blog war with the zoman warrior, she returned home pleased. Pleased at our new find, the zoman couple happily checked off another quest, vowing to return for that grilled fish and many more goodies that Quench has to offer its patrons.
With their value for money index sure to attract a host of customers to their door, some seriously punchy cocktails on the menu, a good ol’ helping of beer, and the pure retro feel, Quench All Day is here to stay. And boy am I happy that last line rhymed!

AMBIANCE – 4 / 5
SERVICE – 3.5 / 5
FOOD – 4 / 5
PRICE – 4.5 / 5


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