Restaurant Review: 14 Sauce Story – A saucy affair!

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Chronicling a quest almost every day, the zoman warrior was on a tight schedule. With a multitude of tastings and events galore, his damsel was feeling somewhat left out of the picture.

Seeing the zoman dressed and about to set off early on a Sunday morning, his damsel decided it was time to pull out the “I’m your woman and I need attention” card. Guilt tripping him, she played her aces perfectly.

The zoman knew he couldn’t afford sending his damsel into distress mode again, and something had to be done pronto. Cancelling his plans with his blogger buddies, he offered to present her with a lavish brunch, right in the comfort of the house.

But she had other plans already! “Make some use of that zomato thingie on your phone and take me to a nice new place close by” she bellowed.

Minutes later, the zoman emerged with a huge grin on his face. He had found her a new place and that too a stone’s throw away from home….

Planting a huge peck on his cheek, the damsel mewed “Let’s go”. And that, my good zomans……. Is how we went to 14 Sauce Story.

Stop going gaga over the zoman and damsel romance…. Furiously type review on laptop!

I call it restaurant lane, and rightly so, JP road has too many options to choose from. A few odd meters from the Gurudwara and Hakim Aalim’s. If you’re looking for it, you’d surely spot this place.

I’ve rarely seen my damsel go waaaaaaaaa at any place and considering that she did, the place has to have an awesome feel to it.
With the city’s thermometer broken and it forgetting to tone down the heat, sitting outside is impossible. Even if it wasn’t, I felt the place was too pebble laden for me to enjoy sitting there.
The inside seating though, abso-bloody-lutely wowwwww.
The place is quite large and they’ve got this separate section which can sofa seat at least 15 peeps for a private’ish party. Plus they’re planning to have a dedicated chef who’d cater to your specific fancies if you’ve occupied the entire section. I’m gonna throw a party here for sure, someday!
The décor is wonderful and feels classy without seemingly giving off that air of snootiness.

If it wasn’t Chirag, the guy who owns the place, coming up to our table and spending a couple of minutes asking us about how were doing, I would rate this aspect a gross 0.
Apart from a bloggers table going on, we were the only people in the restaurant and still the service was totally appalling.
The captain or the RM, I don’t know, had no clue what to suggest and what not.
The servers were really slow and got us the pasta in the serving dish and simply plonked it on the table. Forget gourmet, even the staff at the most no-frills eateries at least ask, if they can serve you the food.
Anyway. Win some lose some, right?

We had a couple of pastas and a burger. Both the pastas were really good and we were expecting the burger to put on an even better show. But like the Hindenburg, the burger simply blew up in its face and failed to impress even remotely.
The creaminess of the cream and the slightly bitter woody feel of the pesto amalgamated perfectly to create this beauty.
Presented really well, with a dashing of some veggies, the dish looked good and tasted even better.
We were pleasingly surprised by the penne which was done al-dente and had a lovely bite to it.
Again, another member of their pasta family that was highly enthusiastic to please us.
Much to my damsel’s liking, the garlic was not overpowering and the oily emulsion sauce was light and velvety.
The veggie paraphernalia that came along with the pasta, complimented it perfectly.
The spaghetti in this case though, was fully cooked and I missed the bite which the penne had to it.
When you talk more about the slaw than the burger itself, it is easy to gauge how bad it was. We simply didn’t like this burger at all.
The patty was too herby for a decent eater’s liking. I mean simply too herby.
The lemon aioli was a good touch although a bit overpowering.
Yes, the served us a mean slaw which was really awesome. Loved it totally!

Chiming in at 355 and 325 respectively, we felt that the Pesto and Aglio e Olio pastas did justice to their price tags. The quantities were decent and the taste was great on both the dishes.
A burger at 310 isn’t exorbitant anymore. It was quite a sizeable burg and came with a decent helping of fries and slaw. But for the taste, I felt it was a complete let down.
We were also served a watered down peach iced tea and for 125 bucks, this was a letdown.

In the course of time that we managed to chow our way through the food, my damsel complained at least ten times “baby so slow the service is no”. That’s quite a bit.
The place has a lovely ambiance and with their semi-private party area, they’re sure to get a lot of traffic coming in.
The food like most places, is a mixed bag of the great and not so great stuff.
Asked if I would come here again, YES! Certainly. Asked if I am totally floored, NO WAYYYY!
A decent place, I’d say. If they manage to iron out the few chinks they have, there’s no stopping these guys from being one of the best places around.

AMBIANCE – 5 / 5
FOOD – 3.5 / 5
SERVICE – 2.5 / 5
PRICE – 3.5 / 5


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