Restaurant Review: New Sernyaa – The Best Things Come in the Tiniest Packages!

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With his travels taking him far and wide, the zoman warrior was in for a surprise treat this weekend.
Most of us almost always say “YES” when the better half’s sibling makes a suggestion.Not wanting to unleash his damsel’s wrath upon him, the zoman meekly nodded when his damsel’s sister suggested that a quest be planned to a hole in the wall restaurant that served great momos.
With his trusted ally, Zomato not throwing up much information, the helpless zoman braced himself for a bad meal before his movie date with the damsel…… Nonetheless,he soldiered on!
It isn’t often, but when you come across something that fits an old adage perfectly, you can’t help but kowtow to the intelligence of your forebears who in their moments of epiphany came up with the adage. Bottom line! I now know, that great things do come in the smallest of packages.
With my damsel and her baby sister having already sampled the delights this little gem had to offer, we arrived without any hassle, at a place you’d otherwise miss even if you didn’t blink.
And that, my good zomans….. Is how the party landed at New Sernyaa.

Stuffed in between a couple of other shops, very close to the forking on the road near the Lotus petrol pump, New Sernyaa is something you’d miss even if you walked past it. The place is so tiny.

The place is unashamedly devoid of any frills that come as a part of dining out experiences.
An A/C blasts cold air and keeps tempers from flaring due to the lack of an entity called space.
If you stayed at a luxurious hotel suite, I can guarantee that their bath areas will outsize the entire venture that New Sernyaa is.
There’s good music playing in the background and it is oriental for certain, but couldn’t make head or tail of it beyond that point.

Taking a cue from one of the cutest movies ever to be made. These good people probably watched Kung Fu Panda on loop when they were training for food service. Tossing up plates and soup bowls and whizzing around the tiny iota of space they have, the servers are lightning fast.
While the servers don’t know much about the menu, the manager takes your order in most cases and he is literally faster than Usain Bolt on race day. The guy probably runs on Duracell and you see him bunny hopping all over the place. Awesome!

Shout out to my zoman brother, Ninja Jay Dhawan. Being the ninja that he is, his speedy comment on my check-in and his suggestion for the bamboo rice and pork momos was a moment of sheer awesomeness.
The first time I laid my eyes on this beauty was during my Green lake trek in Sikkim. We exchanged glances and fell in love. Although I had to leave her, memories lingered and when I found a thukpa on the menu at New Sarnyaa, I was sceptical. Nonetheless my damsel put her foot down and insisted on trying this.
Memories and an old love for this soupy temptress gushed through and I couldn’t help but slurp up every bit of the thukpa leaving my damsel wondering what the fudge just happened.
The broth was clear as daylight while the chicken and condiments were thrown into the mix with perfect balance. The noodles themselves weren’t overbearing and the dish came together wonderfully well. Seasoning and spice levels scored a 10 on 10 too.
When we called for the regular momos, we were suggested to give these babies a try. And what happens when a guy who knows his stuff well makes a suggestion. Yupp! Holy Awesomesauce is served.
I simply haven’t such a good momo in a really long time and whosoever made this is a total rockstar!
With this dish already coming highly recommended, I simply had to have it or I wouldn’t have been able to leave in peace.
With their pan fried chicken cousins already making me a mucho happy camper, the phak-sha had to beat tough odds to shine.
As soon as I put a fork into the first momo, the oinky aroma that only piggy lovers understand filled my nostrils. Violins started playing in the background and I was hopelessly smitten.
I thought I was done and didn’t want to eat anything more, lest I spoil the lingering feel of the momos on my palette.
Amidst the entire chaos and the ensuing love affair that the Phak-sha and I were setting off on, my damsel still managed to point a finger at this flat noodle preparation that she managed to find on the menu. While I was getting closer to heaven with each bite of the momo, I couldn’t refuse my damsel her flat noodles and we were soon dished out an amazing preparation that left us wowing to return for it.
A flat noodle preparation with pickled veggies and crispy sautéed chicken thrown into the mix. The entire blend of ingredients complimented each other so well, that you literally cannot ask for more.
The seasoning and the balance of flavour were perfect.
I did find the quantity to be a little on the lesser side though.
Again, coming highly recommended, this was a scorcher of a dish. We decided to get the chicken variant of the dish and go solo on it without any curry accompanying the whole thing.
The rice was so flavorful and paired with the sweet chilli chutney that was on the table, this dish needed nothing more to be able to wowwww us.

Both, in terms of the bill amount and the meal value, New Sernyaa will not disappoint you. The food tastes barking brilliant and the prices will only make you smile.
Since it is as close to an authentic Tibetan experience as you can get, please don’t compare them with roadside Chinese outlets. The stuff that is served here is better than some fine dines too.
Yes, the flat noodles seemed somewhat off the rocker price wise, but only because the quantity of the food was lesser than what we expected.
To say that this place can help you treat yourself to a gourmet’ish meal even on the last day of the month is a fitting testimony to how good a place it is.

Throughout the course of my meal, I kept asking myself. Dear zoman lord, at least have them bring me one thing which I don’t like, so I can pin them down for the sake of making a point. But nope! New Sernyaa was in no mood to disappoint me even the tiniest bit and the hits just kept coming. Even my usually disconcerted damsel was all thumbs up for this teeny weeny hit maker.
Like a passionate latino number, New Sernyaa serenaded me in ways, even the finest of places haven’t been able to. Needless to say, a resounding recommendation is all I can humbly give to this gem of a place.

AMBIANCE – 3.5 / 5
FOOD – 5 / 5
SERVICE – 4.5 / 5
PRICE – 4 / 5


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