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With his foodie quest trail bringing him back to where it all began, the zoman warrior was especially thrilled on this occasion.

While the possibility of a quest is always exciting, this one sprang up another fortuitous turn. To come to his aid on a difficult quest, set off two more warriors from the zoman community. Et voila, a rendezvous with “Bakasur” and “Almost Gujju” – two decorated veterans of the zoman army.
Arriving at the rendezvous, the three warriors from the zoman army greeted each other….. Respect, apparent in their demeanor. We quickly bonded over stories of our quests and how we survived in the harsh waters of foodie life.
The aroma of freshly made waffles meant we had arrived at the location of our quest. Taking in a deep breath, the zomans glanced at each other. In any minute, their quest was about to begin and the decorated warriors would emerge victorious again!
And that…. My good zomans, is how we landed up for the invite by The Waffle Hut team.

Shed tears for happy reunion with zoman brothers…. Kick back to a waffsome review!
Every Puneite worth his/her salt has been to Phoenix at least once, I mean common! With that out of the window, the location is the only grump you can have with these guys. Located on the 1st level in a faraway corner, like a neglected adopted child, The Waffle Hut relies heavily on the aroma of its waffles to make its presence felt. I seriously feel these guys deserve a better spot in the mall.

Really… Fudge it. Don’t need to elaborate on this aspect here.
But I must say this. The bar counter kind of thing they have going on here is a sublime touch, especially considering the limitations they have on seating people in a walk by zone.
The décor, or whatever bit of it exists, is catchy and orange being my favorite color drew me a lot to it.

Hmmm! Well you cannot be inviting people and then not showing them a good time (F&B service wise).
Naturally, we got a detailed bit by bit of the entire process and the set-up they had going on there.
The owner is an ambitious fella who wants to see the entire city holding a waffle in their hand at some point of time and I like people who have a game plan. He was quite knowledgeable about his entire setup and didn’t seem like a hack who didn’t know what he was peddling.
The staff too know what the really elaborate menu consists of and they’re trained in waffling it around as smoothly as a knife runs through butter. Bonus points…. They’re an extremely friendly lot!

Unlike most invites, there wasn’t a set menu of any sorts. The owner of the place felt that waffles are a custom experience and best served with one’s choice. He did serve us a couple of his favorites too, which went really really well with the three of us.
OK, so here’s my take on the wafflicious affair we had at The Waffle Hut!
Up until this moment I have never been a fan of Oreo. I never understood why someone would want to mangle up a waffle with an oreo topping. But I had to see this to believe this. Drizzled with chocolate sauce and of course the classic maple, this waffle was a total winner
The description clearly says drizzled with dark chocolate sauce. Noooooooo!!!
This was a lavish and unapologetic pouring of the sauce. And boy did we love this to the moon and back. We were told that the chocolate needs to soil our faces when we ate this, and per plan that’s exactly what happened.
Surely one of the best looking waffles I’ve come across in a while, this was a total crowd pleaser. Not to mention, this was “almost gujju’s choice and he went bragging about it, of course only till I drew out the big guns.
Everyday I’m waffling. I had to senselessly chepao this line here, but this waffle literally sang to me. There are a few pairings in this world that don’t ever go wrong, irrespective of how you serve them. Banana, Caramel, and Cream have to be on top of this list for sure.
There’s that fluffy base which the waffle provides. A layer of cream is almost aero planning on the waffle, only for that banana’ey awesomeness to make its mark on the whole scene.
If I was a minion, I’d endlessly go BANANA over this waffle. Simply awesome. This was my choice from the menu and I gloated tirelessly about my awesomeness after we all dug into this piece de resistance.
So we don’t come from the land of AMREEKKAA and we don’t PMS over the absence of Peanut Butter in life on most days. This was something we were least keen on, but man I tell you!
The plain basal flavour of the waffle makes way for the salty and really nutty spread of peanut butter, which then acts as a base for the mildly sweet whipped cream, only to be topped off by a generous helping of uber sweet caramel.
Sounds like a plainly constructed sentence in English, but the party of flavors this makes in your bite is simply surreal. There’s such a wonderful marriage of flavors that you have to mandatorily swoon while you have a bite of this waffle. It actually kinda completes the whole experience.
Perfection is extremely hard to come by and just when you are beginning to feel you’ve experienced something perfect, a dampener will certainly come along with the way. Our chow time at the Waffle Hut was heading to a perfect ending and just when I was about to say perfecto, the blueberry waffle was served.
While it wasn’t bad by any stretch, this certainly brought down the awesomeness meter by a couple of notches.
Sweet, syrupy, and lacking any sort of body, this waffle was my least favorite of the evening.
Touted as a kid centric waffle, I am thankful I am a grown up if the kids these days are eating this kinda stuff.
Well…. Monins are great aren’t. With all their fancy pants French writing, calling it le sirop du peche and what the fudge not!
Let’s not elaborate more on this.

The Waffle Hut seems fairly priced, given where it is located. I’d love to see them in a non mall setup where I’d expect a slightly lower price. But in Phoenix, at their prices, they are quite a steal.
Of course, we didn’t pay for the meal as we were hosted by the good peeps at The Waffle Hut. But this is one place, I certainly wouldn’t mind paying up at, whenever I am in the mood for some sweet noshing.


Since my damsel didn’t accompany me on this quest, I was quite happy to send her a picture and get the tiny version of the jealous green hulk outta her. I mostly do not say this, but if it is waffling we gotta go next, I am mighty certain where it is you’d find us….. The Waffle Hut!


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