Restaurant Review: Lighthouse Café – Let There be Light!

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Cutting his food vacation short, the zoman warrior rushed homeward. His mind bogged down by the thought of perhaps his most important quest till date.

The damsel’s birthday was soon approaching and as the rule goes, a bash was to be thrown. With no venue decided yet, the zoman saw his damsel on the precipice of a colossal panic attack.

While she was slowly warming up to the zoman’s foodie lifestyle and becoming a rather cheerful damsel off late. One mishap and the distressed damsel could relapse. He knew something had to be done and done really soon

Having offered his honed foodie skills to assist in the venue planning, the zoman knew he was up for some brownie points. Per plan, she took the bait and we set off venue hunting.

On a whim, my damsel zeroed in on Khar as the location. With a bevy of options to choose from, the zoman called upon his trusted ally – Zomato.

Picking up on a few trails, the zoman, his damsel, and Ro – a recently recruited protégée, set off.


And that, my good zomans! Is how we wound up at the Light House Café.



At a short walk from the Khar station, sitting right next to Three Wise Monkeys, the location couldn’t get any better.


If Dexter’s lab ever served booze and grub, I’d call it LHC. Rather than seem more like a regular nosh and slosh affair, LHC looks more like an electrical or maintenance room in a large building. There’s tons of piping here and there and a load of other nerdy elements that make up the entire shindig.

But, yeah! I loved it. The thing is, when you execute a concept nicely, it helps you stand out from the crowd without being overstating. I like that in a place.

The music was decent too.


OK… Expert tip. If you are really finicky about good service, get yourself a place at the bar. That way they simply cannot miss you. Wanting to see the place in action, my damsel asked if we could park ourselves at the bar. Happily obliging her, we got seated at the bar and experienced service that was faster than Airtel’s 4G speed claims.

My beer came to me in 45 seconds flat! Whoa…. Hold the phone. Awesomesauce speaking!

The staff seemed to know their menu well even though their suggestion didn’t impress us much.


The grub at LHC hit both, my high and utterly low notes. Like a DJ alternating between tempos, these guys would set the tone with some great stuff, then sour it with a total downer, only to hit back with awesomeness.


We picked this combo up from their Tapas Affair menu. Going by the description, the fries were to come with a HELL sauce and the punch was supposed to feature some chilli as well. My spice intolerant damsel cringed – “Baby, so much teekha. Godddd!” Honestly, what came was absolutely the opposite.

The fries were lukewarm… Instant turn-off.

The hell sauce…. Had an angelic halo to them. I mean, absolutely no spiciness.

The LHC punch had no chilli either and felt just like mango juice with vodka and gin. I liked it, but felt somehow cheated on the chilli part.

Overall combo – a damp squib!


My damsel has recently taken a shine to Pad Thai and compulsively asks for it wherever she sees it. Per usual, this landed at our table. Oooooooooooo Hello Beautiful!

A perfectly fried omelette doused with sprouts greeted us at first glance. She had my attention!

Peeling that veil off, a beautifully done flat noodle affair with the perfect amount of peanut and an awesomely done sweet chilli sauce. Care to come out on a date with me!

As I got to know her better, she revealed some really succulent chicken tossed with sprigs. Its lemony tang literally sang to me. I was close to the proposal now and wanted to take this dish home forever! Alas, it was over.

Seeing my damsel devour this like a famished glutton and smile back at me was sheer joy.

I absolutely and totally recommend this.


Trader Vic’s classic invention and the mother of all tiki drinks. Mai Tai is a special temptress whose sultriness stand out from the others. And LHC decked her up quite badly.

One sip of the Mai Tai and I knew her and me weren’t setting off into the sunset together.

There’s no ORGEAT in this, I screamed… If it wasn’t my damsel mistaking it for an ORGY instead and us bursting out laughing, I would have been hugely sullen.

Like Angelina Jolie’s pout, it is the woody, almondy, and slightly bitter taste of the orgeat that makes a true Mai Tai.

Didn’t like this a bit.


I see so many establishments using agliolio as a single word. Well it isn’t! Aglio = Garlic, and Olio=Olive.

Leaving the snooty critiquing to later, the pasta was a helluva dish. Sufficient quantity and an amazing punch of garlic right through every bite.

We got the veg version and it came loaded with veggies and olives. The pasta was velvety and wasn’t very oily.

Top marks!



For 330 the Pad Thai was a good spend.

While it tasted great, I felt the pasta was a tad bit expensive at 350 and didn’t seem so worth.

Ranging from 275 – 450, the cocktails are priced somewhere just above reasonable. While she chimed in at Rs 300, the Mai Tai didn’t live up to my expectations. I’d have to say though, that the drinks weren’t watered down and had a sufficient amount of alcohol in the mix.

At 400, the tapas affair combo was priced decently although it didn’t taste that great.

Overall, the pricing has some good points and some loopholes. If you’re a repeat visitor, you’ll know what to order and might actually get off cheaper than if you’re a first timer.




While my damsel didn’t pick LHC for her birthday bash, there’s certainly a few more visits we’d be paying to the place. Of course, for the Pad Thai and the Aglio-e-Olio.

With an upbeat atmosphere, even on a Sunday night. Staff that’s quick and courteous. And some good food options to pick from, LHC has got a good thing going on for itself.


AMBIANCE – 3.5/ 5

FOOD – 4 / 5

SERVICE – 4 / 5

PRICE – 3.5 / 5


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