Restaurant Review: Café Mondegar – Training Gourmands Since Your Daddy Was A Boy!

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A usually distressed damsel, wakes up gleefully on a Monday morning and mews “baby don’t go to work today” into your ear. Et Voila… The recipe for an impromptu extended weekend is served!!!

Damsel. Baby you took leave for me on a Monday. So sweet! Watcha wanna do today?

Now give a zoman his free day and nothing to do…. A foodie quest is bound to transpire.

Zoman. Babe, scouring about some good grub. Whaddaya say?

Damsel. I like where this is heading and since you’ve been so sweet today, let’s chill in town.

Zoman. Townnnnnnnn!!!! Me likey likey this plan already.

My usually distressed damsel was pleasingly upbeat today. And just when I thought this day couldn’t get better, she uttered those magical words….. Café Mondegar!!!

She had me sold, just by uttering that question….. And that, my good zomans, is how we went to Mondy’s.

End nostalgia story… Wipe happy tears roused by old memories… Begin star struck review!!!

Mondy’s is unique for a variety of reasons. All of which, make up an ambiance that prides us in being the town folk living close by.
That iconic jukebox….. Churning out hits from a fondly remembered era when people, and not machines made music. At 50 bucks per triad, this beauty adds a shining star to the ambiance.
A mention of the ambiance at Mondy’s is incomplete without its walls. Mario Miranda has painted his heart out on the walls, depicting life in the city on one side and a day at Mondy’s on the other.
While I’ll certainly have people disagreeing at this one, but the Mondy’s branded crockery is another part of the Mondy’s vibe and ambiance.
The coolest part is that the menu is perpetually sealed onto your table. Look in peace and order when you’re ready.

If there was one area where you could suggest an improvement, it is the service at Mondy’s. This is largely owing to the addition of new recruits they had some time ago. The old timers are so adept at the craft of customer service that you can’t steal a single rating point away from them. The newer ones I feel, have an attitude that fits a nit-picky supermodel of sorts.
So if you’re visiting Mondy’s for the first time ever, try picking out one of the older looking servers to place your order, because the younger punks come with the air of an LCB grad working at El Bulli.

From when I was a wee boy, I’ve been making rounds to Mondy’s. Especially Friday nights when my mum would be at her mum’s and my dad would dress me up and take me to chill with his buddies. Quite naturally, everything on the menu has been bagged at least on one occasion. As a snooty loyalist, my dad taught me that the food at Mondy’s was either very good or simply the best. Nothing on the menu was bad at all.
Now I won’t go saying that there’s bad stuff here at Mondy’s, I simply couldn’t do that. But curated over 15 years of eating at this place, here’s what I can recommend.

Cheese Cherry Pineapple Stick
I remember having seen this on Cooking with Heston, a few days ago. Maybe it’s becoming mainstream gourmet now, but Mondy’s has been doing this favourite bar nibble for a long time now. A cube of Cheddar, skewered on a toothpick along with a wedge of pineapple and a fresh cocktail cherry. While this is as simple as anything can get, the outcome is fantastic believe me. Served on a bed of crushed ice to keep it chilled throughout, this dish goes perfectly with a pitcher or more of beer.

Garlic Mushrooms
While the garlic mushrooms are quite good on their own, they come with this fantastic garlic sauce. The whole combination is totally kickass. Goes well with or without anything to drink

Beef Chilly
Not too sure if anyone is doing good beef anymore. But when they were serving it, this was really amazing. More like the beef chilly you get in Goa. Not too spicy like the Kerala version.

Chicken / Beef in Butter Pepper Garlic Sauce
Whether it is the chicken or the beef. Both taste amazing in this sauce. A brown sauce version with the perfect garlicky flavour and that peppery kick which go exceptionally well together.

For the vegetarians, the Funghi Con Crema is an awesome tasting pasta. Cheesy white sauce based, it comes with pan tossed mushrooms thrown into the mix. The serving size is good enough too.
For the non-vegetarians, their Classic Bolognaise is quite the famous pasta on the menu and will not let you down. More often than not, I end up getting a portion of this dish, if I am spending more than an hour here.

Chicken Stroganoff
This is a must have from Mondy’s menu. A lot of people coming here from a long time will agree with me on this. I know it is not the best stroganoff you’ll have in Bombay, but it is a really nice one to try out. The quantity is good, but it kind of clutters on the plate.

Steak in Pepper Mushroom Sauce
I don’t know if beef is being served now, but when it was, this was a maddddd awesome dish to try.

It’s too much to write all of that here, but pick anything up from the grilled sandwich or burger menu and you wouldn’t be disappointed one bit.

There is Gokul, Bade’s, Baghdadi, and Olympia within a 150m radius. So despite whatever yardstick you use, one cannot call Mondy’s cheap. Then again, versus Leo’s it does cost a bit less. I think Mondy’s is pretty much affordable, irrespective of what your budgets are.
A beer run here, won’t blow a crater in your pocket and the food isn’t overly pricey either. I have seen a meal for two with alcohol returning a monetary damage of under 1k more often than not.

Now, if I was asked to do an emotional treatise on Mondy’s, I could very easily do like a 15000 word essay on the place. Clearly, I am tripping on a serious high of nostalgia here, but the place is every bit worth it. If you’re a townie, you know exactly what I am saying. Even if you aren’t one or are visiting from another place, at least a trip to this place would make your trip much more worth it. The building is old, the place is crowded, you’re likely to get claustrophobic, the jukebox won’t give you a turn, and a gazillion things could go wrong. But then again, Mondy’s is not just a run off the mill eatery you go to, it is an experience in itself. One that you surely must have!!!

Ambiance – 5 / 5
Service – 3.5 / 5
Food – 4.5 / 5
Price – 4.5 / 5


Cafe Mondegar, Metro House, Near Regal Cinema, Colaba


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