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What is a #ZomatoMeetup ???

To the zoman warrior and his elite ilk of foodie warriors, it is much like the round table of knights that Arthur had. A gathering of merry folk, devoting a large part of their lives to scouring out the best food across the world.


Lacking the company of his distressed damsel in P-town, the zoman warrior was much longing for a quest. Out of nowhere, the battalion commander of the zoman community invited the zoman warrior for a quest set only for a band of elite zomans. The zoman warrior gladly accepted.


Forces, both of godly and human creation (rain and traffic) tried hard to ensure that the zoman wouldn’t reach the rendezvous point, leaving his band of fellow warriors to bare the storm on their own. But a zoman never gives up and albeit late, he managed to reach the destination of his quest.


A few known and a few unknown, the zomans gathered under their battalion commander. Glasses were clinked and we were off to a start.  And that, my good zomans….. Is how the #ZomatoMeetup at The Ship began!!!


End zoman warrior prelude…. Kick back to reality… Begin Review.


The meetups that Zomato does are seriously awesome. There’s alcohol, there’s food, and there is that bonhomie that comes when a like-minded bunch of foodies is assembled together. On this occasion the zoman warrior got the call up for a second such meetup to sample the menu revamp that The Ship had recently done.



The Ship looks thoroughly the part for a restopub.

The seating is comfortably divided into sections which give you the space to make your own ruckus without bothering others with too much proximity going on there!

They’ve got a revamped bar counter which is what we were told and it looks spanking good.

The only downer, was that the music was absolute garbage. I mean they played Abba, Christina Aguilera, Enrique and all other crap. I literally had spears in my ears, the Britney ones . I heard someone say that DJ Mantri plays here. He was sorely missed on the night of the meetup




Hmmmm. It was a Zomato meetup for Christ’s sake. Can there be any bad service. Nope. We were given quite the celebrity treatment and wonderfully hosted by the team at The Ship.

As a general observation too, I did the see the staff attentive and willing to help. Yes they know the stuff on their menu and that’s a quality I admire in service staff wherever I see it.





I really don’t know if I should call this a meetup or a drinkup.  The good souls at The Ship put up quite an elaborate show of cock and mock tails (cheesy pun) from their recently revamped bar on the meetup menu. And everything on and off the menu that came to us was top notch.

Some of the stuff that I dug my straw into:


No… I am not a fan of Sex and the City. The ruby red colour of this cocktail and the fact that vodka pairs so orgasmically with cranberry is what makes me pick this one up every now and then. Add a Popsicle to the melee and I am totally sold.

This drink was as perfect as a dolled up Scarlett Johansson in a red dress in He’s Just Not That Into You. If you’re in for the red romance this drink is. A couple of glasses should knock your socks off!


If you’re the kind who likes his stuff mild, this is your drink at The Ship. But when I say really mild, I kid you not. I mean really really mild.

Do I stand to be corrected if I say, this tasted more like a guava based drink than a passion fruit one? The heady aroma that only a passion fruit can induce was totally missing in the mix. Taste wise… Excellent!


Why I pen these two down together. A couple of rounds in and these drinks look and taste quite alike. They were tart, laced with a lot of spirit, and like a Hawaiian hula girl, danced beautifully on my palette. Added bonus, they came with the Popsicle too. Top marks for both these beauties.


Step out of the line sir. You’re the odd one out.

Perhaps the only drink on the menu that I did not enjoy at all. This tasted like 7UP Nimbooz.


Are you kidding me right now? This is holy awesomesauce concocted in a mystical looking skull head. What a long, strong, and boozy drink this was. This one was the star of our meetup table.

If you’re a bunch of boozards numbering over 4, I strongly suggest giving this a go. Besides, while you’re around buddies, it makes sense to dip your finger into this puddle of alcohol and pick up a piece of fruit to go with the sip. Total delight.

It’s much like childhood days, only if you were a rotten alcoholic at the age of 5. Hahahahahahaha


Coming to the F part of the F&B


Not the most unique star cast, but they did a good job coming together.

Baked Potato Skins. A bit heavier than this dish should ideally be, but then again, there’s no such word in the world as extra cheese right?

Hummus. Strictly average hummus and the pita was more like chapatti. This wasn’t my kind of food.

Onion Rings. A bit greasy but high on the taste factor. Of course, onion rings aren’t your typical health food prescription and naturally the greasier the better.

Bruschetta. Best part of the platter. These were really nice and I quite enjoyed them. The bread used could have been slightly toastier though.


Two is company, three is a crowd. Now I know why.

The wings were a delight. An absolute delight. The right sauciness with that spicy and tangy flavour. Coated the chicken really well, without overdosing it with greasiness.

Fried chicken strips. Perfectly done. Not too battered, and not too crunchy either. Fried to golden brown perfection. Went perfectly well, paired with the garlic mayonnaise and the ketchup that came as dips.

I don’t remember what the third dish was, but it came with a lot of curry leaves. Sadly, only the curry leaves tasted good in this dish. The chicken was not very moist and seemed thrown into the mix rather than combined well into the scheme of things



I loved it when they were really generous with the alcohol in their cocktails. I didn’t think they’d do the same thing with their food too. Being the show off I am. I had to order the one dish on the menu that came with the flash and pizzazz of a rockstar. They lit the vodka on fire and everyone was swooning over the risotto.

Too much vodka was added to the flambe and the server wasn’t able to burn even half of it off.  When I started to eat the thing, parts of the risotto tasted good and parts of it tasted really bitter.

Overall, this would have been a kickass dish, had it been toned down on the alcohol.



Took a couple of bites from someone who called for this dish. It was a total delight. The lamb was beautifully cooked and perfectly spiced. The curry was spicy enough to ring a bell yet good enough to be eaten on its own too.



Tres Leches literally means, three types of milk. For the uninitiated, it is a sponge soaked in three types of milk products. Milk, condensed milk, and cream.

This dish was an absolute beauty…. Imagine a fair maiden in all her glory, swimming in this lovely puddle of milky creamy goodness.  If she was a real dame, I’d ask for her hand in marriage right there.

I know there wasn’t a single person on the table who didn’t totally love this dish.


I loved this because I am a huge fan of all its ingredients. Naturally, put them together and I am bound to like the outcome. There’s this amazing woodiness that water chestnuts have. Pair them with the love-inducing tenderness of coconut and you have awesomeness served to you


Ok I’ve been to Spain before and as much of a Mexicana you are, Churros are Spanish. My churro benchmark is quite high and though they stated that they had the best churros in town, I was not blown away with what was served. They were nice, they certainly were. But they missed the mark by a considerable bit.

I was quite grumpy that the chocolate sauce accompanying the churros was served with quite a lot of frugality.




We were hosted by the guys at The Ship and a few drinks down I didn’t care to even see the menu or the pricing. But now that I have, I feel they are doing quite a good job really. Yes, it isn’t your daaru adda where you get stuff by the quarter, but it is more affordable to get a few drinks and a nice meal here, than at many places of similar standards.





The Ship has all the ingredients for a hit recipe and judging by how things are going I am sure they’re on perfect course.

If there’s a good place that you crave for but don’t want to make a crater in your wallet if you drink like a fish. This can be a repeat destination for many of your outings.

AMBIANCE – 3.5 / 5
FOOD – 4 / 5
SERVICE – 3.5 / 5
PRICE – 4 / 5

The Ship, Fortaleza, Kalyani Nagar, Pune


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