Irish House – The Luck of the Irish Prevails!

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After a rainy day spent traipsing on his quests the zoman warrior returned home, only to forget removing his shoes at the door. Wet, muddy, and stinky shoes in the bedroom aren’t exactly what keep a woman happy, especially a distressed damsel like mine.
The hapless zoman was barely prepared for the wrath his distressed damsel was about to unleash!!! Furious, swearing, and threatening to kick me out; she spared no expense in her fury. I knew I had to act quickly or an epic shit storm was headed my way.
Quickly pulling out the drive, movie, and pubbing cards, the zoman smiled. He knew he had set off on course for de-distressing his distressed damsel. “I’ll throw you out of the house if you dirty it again”, she bellowed.

Her point made clear with a firm spank on my zoman behind.

Tiptoeing on the edge of a cliff, the zoman warrior could only turn to the one place that had never failed him before. And that, my good zomans….Is how we ended up at the Irish House!!!

End Prelude….. Begin 5 on 5 Review!!!

Irish couldn’t be located at a better spot. A nice chilled beer before a movie. Who could say no to that!
The place is huge and despite the crowd, there’s always place for more people somehow.
I’ve never seen bad crowd at Irish. In fact, when there isn’t a table or bar stool available, we love sitting on that long common table near the smoking zone. We’ve often ended up making friends with random people we never knew earlier.
The music is great and my usually distressed damsel loves grooving to it. Which is a relief and lets me enjoy my beer in peace. Plus if it’s less crowded, people take to the floor and dance.
And then there’s a smoking area where a weary zoman can always kick back and puff away to glory.


Considering this place is always bustling with people, the service has to be really quick. And that’s exactly what it is.
Being more of a regular, I get a few hellos from the staff, the attention, and the prompt service too so I might be a bit biased here. But I rarely see anyone complaining about the service.
Yes it’s not a fine dine, so you can’t expect being waited on throughout the course of your meal, but raise your hand high and you’ll get their attention.


Being more of a beer drinker with a pronounced penchant for wheat beers, I love Irish for their endless on tap supply of Erdinger, which I feel is the best commercially produced wit bier in the world.
Coming to the food. Curated over multiple visits.
When you’re giving a dish such a moniker, you’re setting it up to fail. I have would have given this is a head nodding HELL YEAH! If they called this dish, SERIOUSLY AWESOME ONION RINGS. They were really awesome.
Made with a light batter, the onion rings were quite crunchy. Seasoned perfectly and served with barbeque sauce rather than ketchup or mayonnaise as most establishments do.
Top marks, but not the best onion rings in the world for sure!

2) HUNTER’s PENNE – Rs 375
It isn’t the classic and rustic pesto you’d find in an Italian fine dine, but this is a must have when you’re at Irish. The creaminess (from the cream I assume) compliments the oiliness and mild woody bitterness of the pesto perfectly.
Their chicken is done perfectly. Not a touch overcooked and rubbery.
They could be a bit more generous with the sprinkling of Parmesan though..
A must try dish!

3) IRISH LAMB PIE – Rs. 575
If you’re looking for authentic UK style pie, this beauty will help satiate that craving.
The lamb is literally something you could rush into the kitchen and smooch the chef for. Cooking it in red wine makes it feel so rich. The sauce is runny and oozy just the way lamb pie should be.
Bummer Alert. This piece of pie seems a few touches overpriced at 575. I love noshing on it but end up feeling my purse has been pinched.
If you’re looking for value, give this is a ditch. If taste is all that matters, this is one pie you must stuff down your pie hole for sure.

Post my two year British soiree, the chippy classic is on top of my nosh list.
The fish n chips at Irish have been top notch every time I’ve dug into them. Basa works well in the Indian context considering it is difficult to get our hands on some Grade A Haddock.
The batter is what makes a good fish n chip and Irish does this perfectly. An airy beer batter with just the right blend of seasoning, and perfection is served!!!
I’ve never been a fan of mushy peas, but since they go so well with the dish I manage to push them down without complaining.
The chips….. Ohhhh the chips at Irish. I know these aren’t much to be ranting about. But a good French fry is so hard to come by these days. That too, with their perfect salt n pepper seasoning.
This is a must have.

Sitting at the very end of the menu, this is my favourite dish on the menu. The three lions and three dogs reference is classic British not Irish, but who gives a shite!!
Three chotu chicken franks wrapped in warm toasted buns, topped with an onion and pepper relish in a balsamic glaze. Aahhhhhh!!! Served with a side of their awesome chips, this dish is an absolute scorcher, especially if you are a fan of the balsamic reduction (well, who isn’t).


For the same or better quality, you’d end up paying almost the same or even lesser than HRC or Harry’s nearby. Then again, for the pub that it is, I’ve never found the pricing out of line.
Considering that a thirsty zoman warrior and his distressed damsel usually polish off a good chunk of food and chug away a few Erdingers. The monetary damage of 2500-2700 doesn’t sound bad at all.


Call it awesomeness or simply the luck of the Irish, Irish House is a beast among pubs and if my vote was anything to go by. This is the best of the lot in its category.
As regulars, the thirsty zoman warrior and his distressed damsel can often be found here on Saturday’s for their pre-movie fix of Erdingers and to cure their case of the munchies.



AMBIANCE – 5 / 5
SERVICE – 4.5 / 5
FOOD – 5 / 5
PRICE – 4.5 / 5


Irish House – Fun Republic, Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai


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