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Bandra is our Switzerland. It’s that place where the townie Zoman warrior and his suburban distressed damsel can neutrally dine without bickering over which side of the sea link is better. And for that reason, every outing to Bandra is much loved. On a planned night out in Bandra, the zoman warrior and his distressed damsel made a quick pit stop at Eat Thai to….. Eat Thai obviously!

This is how we played it out.

Damsel – Hey! Here’s Irish, why are we going somewhere else then.

Zoman – I had to check out this Thai place. Been told they have a maddd burger

Damsel – You want to check out a Thai place for a burger. I don’t like the sound of this

Zoman – Why you such a racist. Can’t Thai people make good burgers?

Damsel – Still. I’m a bit mehhhh about this but since you’re paying, whatever!

I should have listened to her. Just like every guy is told. Listen to the woman man, just listen!

While we both walked away from Eat Thai somewhat happy. The reason we came to this place was a sour let down!

End of pre-review rant. Begin review


Bare is en vogue these days, but itnaa jyaada. I mean it’s like you started to build the place and then left it midway. If this was a bistro’ish place serving me cheap coffee by the cuppa, I’d have been raving about the ambiance, but for a Thai resto. Noooo wayyyy!!!!

Then there was that tiny niggle of the AC dripping water on our table.

Me says! Not too happy


Smiley faces are always a good thing to see in service staffers and that’s what exactly what we got. The staff knew their stuff well. Per usual my distressed damsel needed help with the menu, which was promptly offered by our server. Good stuff there! Besides the suggestion was spot on!

The service is quick too. Could be because there were less people when we arrived. But I’ll give them the benefit of doubt here.

Me says! Great job y’all. Mucho happy


After a tweet chat with the guys at Eat Thai, the zoman warrior decided he would embark on this Thai burger quest and like Beowulf’s, this was one quest which would have miserably failed, had it not been for the distressed damsel.

The food was a mixed bag of wow and crap.

Me says. Yes No Yes! Whatever

  • Pad Thai Noodles – Kai (chicken)

This was the acid test for Eat Thai. If a Thai joint doesn’t do a Pad Thai right, it doesn’t deserve to exist. Thankfully, Eat Thai passed this test with flying colors. So much, that it elicited a wowwww from my uber discerning distressed damsel.

The noodles were done perfectly. The tossed veggies and the peanuts provided the perfect crunch to the dish and were topped with a wowww omelette. My only grump – chicken could have been used more generously, but other than that full marks for the Pad Thai.


  • Eat Thai Burger Kai – Thai chicken burger

After a considerable tweet boast, this was the thing that got me to their door. One of the worst burgers I’ve had or should I say, the Megan Fox of burgers. Great looks but nothing much beyond that.

The burger was constructed with a lot of effort on the aesthetics. Sadly, no attention was paid to the taste. The patty was made with curried minced chicken and I could bet my damsel staking that it had a lethal overdose of Kafir lime and Lemongrass. Plus, the patty was so dry, it resembled something that came off the gobi desert. Absolute disaster.

The only saving grace was the side of fries and that awesome spin on the mayo that they had.

I still wouldn’t recommend this to anyone


  • Kanom Dok – Thai Style Pannacotta

Eat Thai brought out their trump card with this dish man! It seems this dish comes off a Burrp recommendation for Eat Thai and I totally agree!

A lovely wobbly panna cotta, mildly flavoured with Thai tea. It had the perfect consistency and was served with dice cut fresh fruits. Absolutely delightful and I’d say this is a must try if you’re here.



For the Pad Thai and the Panna Cotta, I think the pricing was perfect. But for the turd I was served in the name of a burger I wouldn’t even want to pay half the price.


I strongly suggest. Stick to the traditional Thai fare here and you’d not have a bad day.

Would the zoman warrior and his distressed damsel visit Eat Thai again? For the burger, never ever. But for some authentic Thai, we just might!


Ambiance – 3 / 5

Service – 4 / 5

Food – 3.5 / 5

Price – 3.5 / 5

Eat Thai 

8/9, Gasper Enclave, Junction Of St John’s & Pali Road, Pali Naka, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai.
Next to / Behind Irish House

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  1. priarora says:

    Its an experience to read your blogs! Makes me explore the place you write about

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  2. What an amazing description..
    Love your write-up.

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