The Bombay Canteen – Adding a bomb to the bay!!!

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Girlfriend. So baby! You’re finally close to becoming a Zoman expert at your home turf (evil grin). How do you wanna bring it up?

Me. Mehhh! Dunno.

GF. Hey!!! let’s go to that Bombay Canteen place you were aching to check out.

Me. No, chuck it. It’s Sunday and I’m droopy. Gotta head back to Pune for work. Maybe next time I’m home.

GF. Don’t be a party pooper, let’s go naa.

Me. Fine, let’s go.

Here’s how the conversation that led me to TBC played out. Getting my expert badge for the home turf was awesome. And woot woot, that it had to come at TBC.

This, in my mind, is one of the few places, I’d say Bombay is lucky to have because it is perfect. The only negative is having to stare at the gargantuan monstrosity of World One, every time you came out for a smoke.

Before I visited this place, the only connection I had with TBC was that I ragged the co-founder a couple of times back in the IHM days :), but now… Wowwwww

Coming to this 5 on 5 review now.

A gaudily decorated bicycle greets you at the door and somehow, I totally loved it. My girlfriend found it tacky though, but then again she’s always grumpy to appreciate anything on this side of the sea-link.
The bar is beautiful man. I mean really. I so wanted to sit at the bar, but considering there were a couple of free tables and I wanted to avoid a patronizing glance from my co-diner, I skipped it.
The seating is nice, the decor is done up really well and there’s a small staircase smack dab in the middle of the place. Odd, but nice.
The best part of the decor or theme I’d say is their menu card. Like those hard bound notebooks we used for tuitions, back in the school days. Total nostalgia trip

Very informative staff and they can upsell really well, if they need to.
The service was quick and when they saw my co-diner struggling with her order, they jumped in to make a suggestion. Which was perfect btw.
I came like 2-3 minutes before 7pm and he still agreed to get me the beers on happy hour rates. I am all smiles and this is top marks in my book of customer delight.

* Besides Rishi Kapoor, never knew a chintu could make us so happy. One of the servers got us a tray with an assortment of small chaknaas along with the daaru. Before he could explain anything, I exclaimed, almost jumping off my chair – Kardi (dried shrimp), roasted with chillies and garlic, was a chintu that I did not expect to see here. Now that is pure Bombay love and you don’t get more dockyard’ish than that man. A plus, was that it tasted excellent too!

Coming to the Din Bhar part
* Spicy Chettinad Roll….  A shout out to the guy attending to us for having suggested this. A superb preparation that came wrapped in newspaper, just like the omelette roll waala bhaiyya at Kalaghoda would give you. Crisp paratha enclosing a soft and fluffy omelette and a perfectly spiced chicken chettinad stuffing inside. This comes along with kerala style spiced potato crisps and a masoor dal salad which is soooooooooooo good.

Now the Chota
* Eggs Kejriwal….. Abhi yeh try karnaa to bantaa hi tha boss. Too much raving and ranting about this dish. Now I know why. Beautifully done.

Some Hatke Maal
* Simple Bheja Fry… Bheja is something which my peers believe, I have always lacked. So whenever I see it on a menu, I must have it on my plate. Having made myself clear about that. This is the best and the creamiest bheja fry I’ve had in a long while. And I’ve eaten Bheja at places like Sarvi, Olympia and Noor Mohammadi so I know a good bheja fry when I taste one.

I really wanted to try their coffee rasgulla, but I was kind of full to the brim so I didn’t venture into it. Anyhow I will be going here quite often now, so occasions will present themselves soon and more food from TBC will surely be bagged in my belly.

Price. Check Smaaash, Tate’s, Socials, TBD, Zoey, or anything in the vicinity and the pricing is totally relevant. Nothing more, nothing less. Wherever you are, either side of the road, you’d probably end up with equal monetary damage  and TBC will not make you feel like you’ve spent a dime extra.

Overall…. Everyone knows, that crossing the elphinstone flyover means coming face to face with a big choice. Kamala Mills or Todi Mills. Now I know where to go, because if I know anything, it is that this place is a total beaut!!!


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  1. Perfect ! Awesome start to the blog ! Way to go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. guywhotalkstoomuch says:

      Thanks a lot guys…. Means a lot coming from y’all 🙂


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